What Happened with Randy Quaid? His Story in Pictures

The actor who played the ill-mannered goofy Cousin Eddie the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation has a real life that isn’t so different from his crazy whacky characters on screen. He also played the booze-loving pilot who flew straight into the Alien Spaceship and destroyed it into pieces while saving the day in the film called Independence Day. Although his career had a good start as he got into the Hollywood industry with his first role in a Peter Bogdanovich and acted in a few other classics directed by Peter Bogdanovich including the masterpiece called Paper Moon.

But the actor has fallen deep into the pit holes of his own conspiracy theories. He has been arrested a few times for his crimes and he even crossed the U.S. Canada border illegally, twice with his wife. Hence Randy Quaid and his wife Evi have done some of the stupidest things that could be done by any celebrity. So this is what happened with Randy Quaid.

2005: Brokeback Mountain

It had been 10 years since the release of Independence Day and Randy Quaid was still recognized as the booze-loving goofy character from the movie who saved the day by flying his plane directly into the alien spaceship. Due to his past projects, he had made a reputation for playing the goofy, weird, ill-mannered guy in various thrillers or comedy films.

But he finally got the chance to show off his artistic talents when he got the role of that rancher from the Brokeback Mountain. The movie was an instant success and is considered by many critics as among the best movies ever to explore the idea of forbidden love in any form. And everyone recognized Randy Quaid’s acting skills after the release of the movie that he could do more than just drink and play goofy.

2006: Brokeback Mountain Law Suit

Just a few months after the release of Randy Quaid’s most popular movie, the Brokeback Mountain, he filed a lawsuit against the film’s production. He allegedly claimed that the executives present the film, just as an art house and it undermined the money-making prospects of the movie. Randy Quaid claimed that it had damaged his career and the production even deceived him to obtain his ‘premium acting services’ for cheap.

The case went on for a few weeks until Randy Quaid decided to take back his lawsuit for certain reasons. 20th Century Fox claimed that they didn’t have any part to play in Randy Quaid’s decision.What Happened with Randy Quaid

But Randy’s lawyer claimed that both parties had reached an agreement. This is what happened with Randy Quaid. This was the point where all of the mess began in Randy Quaid’s life as he started to despise Hollywood executives.

2009: The Hefty Hotel Bill

The Quaid paranoia began to take over Randy and his wife Evi. They disappeared from the public sight and started doing some weird stuff that seems ridiculous. Another thing that happened with Randy Quaid was that the troubled couple got arrested for tricking a TexasInnkeeperr and trying to pay the bill using invalid credit cars. Evi Quaid and Randy Quaid booked a hotel room in West Texas in 2009 and lived there for a while.

But when they tried to trick the innkeeper, he called the cops on them. The troubled couple was arrested and expected to pay the hefty hotel bill of about $10,000. The Quaids were released on bail but they skipped all their court hearing. They were sentenced to pay most of the amount and Evi was placed on probation for additional three years after she pleaded no contest to a count of fraud.

What Happened with Randy Quaid

September 2010: Burglary

The paranoia of Randy Quaid and his wife Evi reached new heights of criminal activity when they were arrested in Santa Barbara on charges of burglary and vandalism. The couple was found squatting in the guest house of a vacant house. That they once owned but sold it years ago. The troubled couple stayed in the house illegally for five days.

The Quaids allegedly claimed that the house was wrongfully transferred to the current owner. And they suggested that the people who stole their property must have used. Forged signatures to transfer the ownership of the house. Randy Quaid and his Wife became haunted by the idea of an evil syndicate inside Hollywood. That wanted to steal their property and murder them for their money. They also claim that their arrest was a part of an evil plan deployed by the Hollywood Star Whackers.

October 2010: Crossing the Borders

The famous American actor Randy and his wife fled their criminal charges and moved to Vancouver, Canada. But they were arrested in Vancouver for their criminal activities and outstanding criminal charges in America. The troubled couple tried to seek protection under the Immigration. And Refugee Protection Act in Canada as they claimed that their lives were in danger. From the hands of the Hollywood Star Whackers. So they crossed the borders and Randy Quaid requested for permanent residence. While Evi had the Canadian residence because of her father.

What Happened with Randy Quaid

2013: Crossing the Borders, Again

Randy Quaid lived in Montreal with his wife when he was fleeing the U.S. law enforcement. And waiting for the approval of his request for Canadian residency. But in January 2013, the Canadian officials rejected Randy Quaid’s request. And the couple was supposed to be deported back to the U.S. But the weird couple took it on there on to get back to the American soil. So they crossed the border again and were detained by the U.S. officials in Vermont. But Randy Quaid and his wife were released a few days later but were strictly prohibited to leave Vermont. They were allowed to stay and settle in Vermont without any conditions. So they started to settle there in Vermont as Evi Quaid was born in Vermont and grew up there.