Things You Didn’t Know About Randy Quaid Christmas Vacation

Christmas Vacation was a massive success when it came out in theatres and soon became the bona fide of the Christmas season. The National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is the third part of the Vacation series, which are the holiday comedy classics. If you are the sort of person, who gets frustrated when all your relatives start hogging up your place just because it’s the holiday season. Randy Quaid Christmas Vacation is the movie that you might have seen already. But here are some of the things that you might not know about Randy Quaid Christmas Vacation.

The Origin of the Movie

The cult classic Christmas comedy is based on a short story written by John Hughes. The short story was published under the title “Christmas ‘59”. In fact, the first National Lampoon’s Vacation was also written by the same author in December 1980. The original short story is paid tribute to in the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation when Clark Griswold gets trapped in the attic and decides to pull out an old box of old home movies. One of them is labeled “Christmas ‘59”.

Randy Quaid Christmas Vacation

Cousin Eddie was based on a Real Guy

No other actor was more suitable for the role of Cousin Eddie than Randy Quaid. Cousin Eddie was the comic relief character in the Christmas Vacation as the goofy stupid cousin of Clark Griswold. His character became iconic, and his jokes were heard in every holiday party. It seems very unlikely for such a character to exist in real life. The role was based on a real guy. Randy Quaid borrowed many of the traits of Cousin Eddie from a man who Randy saw while growing up in Texas.

Chevy Chase’s Favorite Part

The veteran actor Chevy Chase, who plays the part of Clark Griswold, loved The National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It has been 28 years since the release of the movie, but it’s still loved and watched by many on the Christmas every year. The cast of the movie was also very impressive and also contributed a lot to its success. The movie has taken the place of a classic due to its well-delivered punch-lines. Chevy Chase was asked about his favorite part in the movie while watching it with his family in 2016. He told that his favorite part is the movie credits. Chevy Chase comes up on screen written above the title, and that’s “The definition of the star.”

Aunt Bethany is Olive Oyl

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation was the last billed movie of the actress Mae Questel. Mae Questel played the role of Aunt Bethany in the movie, and her voice sounded too familiar. That’s because she was the voice actor behind Betty Boop and the Olive Oyl from Popeye the Sailor-man.

The Inside of Eddie’s RV

Randy Quaid is a very skilled actor who has the experience to act in any condition or environment. The Randy Quaid Christmas Vacation was successful partly because of Uncle Eddie. The stupid goofy cousin of Clark Griswold looked unreasonable but real at the same time. This was because of all the detail that went into his character. In fact, the inside of his RV was made as gross as the outside of the RV to achieve that realism.

Chase still has his Pajamas

WhoSay filmed the veteran actor Chevy Chase watching the Christmas Vacation in 2016, followed by some really interesting questions. WhoSay was there with Chevy Chase and his family when Chase told that he still had those Pajamas he wore in the movie. His daughter told that he wore them all the time, on which, Chase told that he still hasn’t washed them.

Cousin Eddie made Randy Quaid famous

Randy Quaid Christmas Vacation was an instant hit. Right after its release in 1989, the movie gathered a total of $71.3 million at the box office. The character of Cousin Eddie became an icon for the Christmas vacations and the actor along with it. Randy Quaid came up with all the mannerism of Eddie while his dressing was the idea of his wife, Evi Quaid.

Christmas Vacation was an Experiment

Jeremiah Chechik was the director of the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It was the Hollywood debut for the skilled director who began his career as a fashion photographer. He had directed some short films and TV commercials. His commercials became known for his directions, and he started getting many offers. But Chechik chose to direct Christmas Vacation, and the reason for this was that he had never done a comedy before. So he wanted to do something new and made this amazing film.

Randy Quaid Christmas Vacation

Bethany and Louis Brought an Earthquake

1989 didn’t have the technology of today, and sometimes, that became a blessing in disguise. When the production of Christmas Vacation was filming the scene of Uncle Louis and Aunt Bethany’s arrival, an earthquake struck. The camera started shaking due to the minor earthquake just as Bethany walks in. This scene could not be stabilized by the camera and honestly, fit exactly into the context.

The Sequel to a Movie with its Sequel

The Vacation movies became an inherent part of the holidays after 1983 with the first Vacation Movie. But the position of Vacation franchise was solidified on the screens by the release of Christmas Vacation. And it was also the role of Randy Quaid as the Cousin Eddie. So the filmmakers decided to put those two ingredients together and came up with a TV film. The 2003 TV film was titled National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie’s Island Adventure. It became the sequel to a sequel.

Eddie’s Son Rocky has no dialogue

Randy Quaid made waves with his iconic role as the goofy cousin Eddie in the Vacation movies. But people hardly noticed the child actor Cody Burger portraying the role of the lip fungus invested son of the Cousin Eddie. He doesn’t have a single word of dialogue in the whole movie.

Chevy Chase broke his Pinky

There was a scene in the movie when Clark Griswold started punching and kicking all the decorations of Christmas on the lawn. But the actor Chevy Chase who was playing Clark Griswold broke the smallest figure of his foot. And he kept kicking because the pain was too much.

Randy Quaid Christmas Vacation

Only two Christmas movies were released in 1989

When the holiday season comes around, every movie appears to be about the Christmas and Christmas spirit. But the year 1989 was different somehow. Only 2 Christmas movies were released that year, and one of them was Randy Quaid Christmas Vacation. The other movie was titled Prancer and told the story of a little girl who found an injured rain deer. She attends to its wounds and hopes to meet the actual Santa Claus.

The Cast of Christmas Vacation

One thing that made the Christmas Vacation and Jeremiah Chechik a massive success was his choice of cast. Christmas Vacation had a phenomenal cast including the old veteran actors and the new rising stars. The veteran actors included Doris Roberts, E.G., Marshall, Mae Questel, and Diana Ladd. The movie also featured the rising stars Johnny Galecki and Juliette Lewis.

Christmas Vacation never hit the theatres in U.K.

The iconic Christmas movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation never hit the theatres first in the United Kingdom. Instead, it went straight to the video release and was being watched in every home on Christmas. It was because the movie was so successful that it needed no introduction.

The Director was featured on the Cover of People magazine

After the release of the film in 1989, Jeremiah Chechik was recognized in the industry as a talented director. But he wasn’t known that much in public yet. So when the guy was featured on the cover of the PEOPLE magazine, many thought that it was the director.

Christmas Vacation had a huge budget

When the Christmas Vacation was still in the production, many people were skeptical of its success. For one, it was the director’s debut film. And then, it had a huge budget of 27 million dollars without any special effects. For comparison, the budget of Ghostbusters was 30 million dollars. The film had a domestic gross of $71,319,525.

Roger Ebert gave Christmas Vacation a 2 Star rating

If you love good movies and want to enjoy the good ones without coming across any Hollywood blunders, you may read a lot of movie reviews. And if you do, you should have come across the blog of Robert Ebert. The famous American critic gave the Christmas Vacation a 2-star rating despite its financial success. He described it as having “the necessary material” but somehow “doesn’t work.”

Christmas Vacation is all thanks to Stanley Kubrick

The massive success of the Christmas Vacation is mainly because of the how it’s been directed. The director of the film Jeremiah Chechik made his directional debut with the film. But it all became possible because Stanley Kubrick saw the commercials directed by Chechik. He loved it so much that said to the New York Times that it as “his favorite American filmmaking.” Soon after that, Chechik started receiving scripts for movies, and he chose to do a comedy.

The Christmas Vacation Song

The Vacation series started off as the “Clark and his vehicle” movies when he and his family go out for a vacation. And so, the song Holiday Road by Lindsey Buckingham was perfect for those movies. But as the formula changed for the Christmas Vacation, a new song titled Christmas Vacation was composed for the film. It was written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil.

Randy Quaid Christmas Vacation might have never happened

John Hughes, who is the writer of the Christmas Vacation, didn’t want another sequel. And that was because of various reasons. One reason that John Hughes wasn’t a fan of sequels is that he didn’t to drag a story too much. Another reason was his pride as a writer. As he wasn’t the writer of the Vacation Movie Vegas Vacation and it didn’t turn out to be good. So people used to come up to him and asked him, ‘What were you thinking?’

There’s a Christmas Vacation 2

The Christmas Vacation was probably the most successful movie in the Vacation series. The production changed the formula for the film. This time around it was all the family of Griswolds that came on Christmas than the other way around. The new method worked. The other thing that turned out to be very well was the Cousin Eddie. So the production of the movie decided to put the two elements together, but that didn’t work. It was a TV film and was released in 1993.

Vacation has an Online Store

Randy Quaid Christmas Vacation was a massive hit among the people of America. The movie became an inherent part of the Christmas culture. The dialogues became very famous during the holiday season. The movie is watched by many still in 2017. So they have an online store for the fans of the movie. You can buy the Uncle Eddie’s favorite trooper hat or the famous black dickie. Everything possibly related to the Christmas Vacation is available for order at the Christmas Vacation Collectibles.

Vacation (2015)

The Vacation series might be the only comedy-drama series to keep up for such a long time. But the production of Vacation decided to reboot it and this time with another twist. Randy Quaid Christmas Vacation had its day. And this is the time for all the grandchildren to shine. The latest reboot of the Vacation features Clark’s son Rusty Griswold. Rusty Griswold, following in his father’s footsteps, packs up with his family to go on a vacation. But as always, the adventure turns into a misadventure very quickly. The Vacation 2015 was quite an anticipated movie as it could revive the 26-year-old comedy hit. But the shoes it tried to fill were probably too big as it didn’t turn out to be as expected.

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