Randy Quaid The Last Detail Is Getting a Sequel – Last Flag Flying

The New Hollywood Wave of Filmmaking gave creators and directors a new lens for telling and re-telling of a story. With movements emerging from all corners of the U.S. and the abrupt shift in culture and ideologies, many new ways of story-telling came to light. One such film that helped revolutionize the art of filmmaking in the early 70s was the Hal Ashby’s film, The Last Detail. Randy Quaid The Last Detail.

Randy Quaid The Last Detail

The movie became an instant hit with its brash, rude and cocky way of storytelling in the face of authoritarian and traditional attitude. Randy Quaid The Last Detail was first released in 1973, and now after 45 years, it’s getting a sequel. Many fans of the original are excited about it while many critics claim that the Last Flag Flying, the sequel to the original movie from 1973, won’t be able to hold up today. Here check out the trailer:

Randy Quaid’s The Last Detail

The Last Detail released at the time of utmost chaos during the Vietnam War. The director Hal Ashby and the screenwriter Robert Towne were afraid it might fail because of the political situation and the use of adult language. But its timing helped a lot in the publicity of the movie. The Last Detail is about exploring the emotional toll that someone suffers while having to follow a stupid order which is not necessary but it becomes your duty.

The movie featured Jack Nicholson and Otis Young as two young Marines who tasked with escorting the foolish young Meadows, played by Randy Quaid, to the naval prison. The crime that Meadows has been convicted of is silly and insignificant, but he has given a much difficult punishment. The three men travel along and while on the way, they develop the friendship which makes it harder for the Marines to fulfill their duties.

Last Flag Flying

Last Flag Flying is the sequel that returns with almost the same core values. But a new cast and a new director. Richard Linklater, the director of many other great films as well, revealed in 2006. That he had written an adaptation of Last Flying Flag – the novel by Darryl Ponicsan. Author of the original novel responsible for The Last Detail. But the production got delayed as Richard wanted the original cast onboard.

Randy Quaid The Last Detail

While the Otis Young had already died in 2001 and Randy Quaid said. That he would only return if Jack Nicholson returned which he didn’t. Richard Linklater is now set on making somewhat of a sequel now. With very few threads attached to the original movie.

The Story of The Last Detail Sequel

The story of the Last Flag Flying follows Larry Doc Shepherd (replacing Meadows). As he is informed that his son who was a marine, has died in the Iraq War. Larry along with his old friends, Sal Nealon and the Rev. Richard Mueller served in the Vietnam War. The old veterans embark on a journey to bury Larry’s son and take a bittersweet trip. From Arlington National Cemetery up to the coast of New Hampshire. They can’t help but reminisce about their shared memories of war and how it continues to shape their lives.