All of Randy Quaid SNL Sketches

Randy Quaid SNL Sketches

Saturday Night Live is a show that broke the records in 2017 with its rating sky-rocketing and becoming the top entertainment telecast of the week. It’s a show that many fans wait for to sit down and enjoy some good satire regarding the current affairs. Its first episode aired on 11 October 1975 and it’s now going stronger than ever. NBC Studios have made SNL somewhat of television legacy as they have kept their show running for over 42 seasons and it’s still airing. Randy Quaid SNL Sketches.

Randy Quaid SNL Sketches

The show follows the format of an A-list guest host cast in weird sketches and comedy shots. Many of the heavy hitters like Chris Rock, John Belushi, Chris Rock, Chevy Chase, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Bill Murphy, have stared in the SNL comedy sketches. But they also sprinkle in some Quaid action in some of their shots. So get ready for all the best Randy Quaid SNL sketches.

Where You’re Going

The first comedy sketch starring Randy Quaid was released in 1985 in the 11th season of the long-running show. The cast that Randy Quaid got to work with includes famous actors like Damon Wayans, Joan Cusack, Anthony Michael Hall and the rising star at the time, Robert Downey Jr. The sketch was a parody of a beer commercial. And the God has a warning for “greedy yuppies” of the world that they are going straight to hell. Randy Quaid SNL Sketches.


The Saturday Night Live’s second sketch that Randy Quaid had a part in, was called Critic. The subject of the sketch was a film critic who writes very harsh reviews for a newspaper in New York. He always sticks to his moral code no matter how drunk he gets.

Wacky Glue

This sketch was a parody commercial and the big break for Randy Quaid on the platform of SNL. The sketch featured Randy Quaid demonstrating the amazing potential and extraordinary longevity of the Wacky Glue. The sketch starred Randy Quaid and Anthony Michael Hall. Randy Quaid SNL Sketches.

Randy Quaid SNL Sketches

Gerald Ford & Ronald Reagan

This is the sketch with the insanity of having Randy Quaid become the President of the United States. But at the time, Randy wasn’t a crazy guy but a very good actor. As the President has an upcoming important meeting with the leaders of the Soviet Union. The white house aid played by Jon Lovitz, the former President Gerald Ford played by Chevy Chase and Nancy Reagan played by Terry Sweeney all gather to help Mr. President.

Vlad the Impaler

This Randy Quaid SNL sketch takes a funny look into the hobbies of the ruler of Wallachia. It turns out that the second son of Dracula, Vlad the Impaler took his hobby quite seriously but it proved very troublesome for the people of his town. The role of Vlad the Impaler is played by Randy Quaid. Randy Quaid SNL Sketches.

The Pat Stevens Show: Dr. Vernon Dryer

The Saturday Night Live sketch comments on the lies of reality TV by parodying a TV show. It’s Pat Stevens who is a beauty culturist and hosts a show called The Pat Stevens Show. She answers some viewers’ questions as the show starts. Then she welcomes the guest Dr. Vernon Dryer who is apparently an expert when it comes to depression. But it turns out that the expert is struggling with depression himself.

Double R Gulf Coast Warehouse: Rolls Royce Blowout

Our ‘charismatic’ salesman is back with a new deal of the lifetime. Randy Quaid playing as Rudy Randolph and Robert Downey Jr. playing as Rudy Randolph III try to convince their audience on a Double-R deal of their lifetime on a fleet of Rolls Royce cars that they had bought in bulk. Randy Quaid SNL Sketches.

Time Machine Trivia Game

After a big sale of Rolls Royce, it was finally time to do some sci-fi stuff on the show. So in this Randy Quaid SNL sketch, Randy and his wife invite their friends Jon and Nora to play a little game. Meanwhile, their son gets bored, goes upstairs and BUILDS A TIME MACHINE to drastically alter the history to change the answers to the game. Randy Quaid SNL Sketches.

Randy Quaid SNL Sketches

Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday White Sale

This Randy Quaid SNL sketch is a piece of edgy comedy. A discount emporium owned by Jack has held a special Birthday White Sale for the Birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. Jack had a prophecy in form of a dream that everyone wants good quality linen at the lowest market price.

Gulf Coast Furniture Stink Sale

This sketch is right up to Randy Quaid’s taste as its straight up weird. Rudy Randolph Jr. has held a ‘Stink Sale’ at the Gulf Coast Furniture Warehouse. But what’s so stinky about the furniture sale? Rudy’s father was dead inside the warehouse for four weeks, that’s why.

Monks Annual Meeting

Who said Monks are boring? The monks gathered here to break their vows of silence and have a ‘business talk’, certainly aren’t. All the monks gather to discuss the finances of the Monastery but what they really talk about is their Super Bowl bet.

Sore Toe

Death is inevitable but what kills you is a mystery on its own. This Randy Quaid SNL Sketch mocks that fact. Our main guy Leon is sitting on a couch with a sore toe. Because his wife and his children keep bothering him using a hammer, broken furniture and a snapping turtle. But he does die because of his sore toe, so it turns into a mystery.

Double R Gulf Coast Warehouse: Ferdinand Marcos Liquidation Sale

The commercial parody shows Rudy Randolph Jr. and Rudy Randolph III try to bring in new customers with a bulk discount. They offer Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos’s personal effects to any customers that buy in bulk.

Mr. Monopoly

Mr. Monopoly, in the Randy Quaid SNL sketch, has become a competent defense lawyer. His job is to get a sleazy convict out of the Jail and he does so use a special “Get out of Jail Free card”. Randy Quaid SNL Sketches.

Randy Quaid SNL Sketches

A Confrontational Suitcase Monologue by Robert Downey Jr

The veteran Star Robert Downey Jr. is asked to perform an original confrontational monologue and he has to perform dressed up as a suitcase. But when Joan Cusack comes dressed like a suitcase as well and steals his thunder. So, Robert has no choice but to be really confrontational.

Selling Whale at the Fish Market

The son of the famous fishmonger Mr. Morrone mistakenly orders a whale and forces his dad to sell it all. So Mr. Morrone starts pushing it to all his customers. When two Eskimos arrive to buy the whale, his son seems to busy on the phone than to attend the customers.

Grand Finale

The Master Thespian played by Jon Lovitz took the viewers after the show on a trip to the past shows that were produced by the Studio 8H. It was when the epic episode directed by Francis Ford Coppola wrapped up with an amazing musical number.

Lorne Michaels Pep Talk

Randy Quaid also made an appearance in the sketch when Lorne Michaels brought Francis Ford Coppola in to direct that week’s episode. Lorne also gives a really nice pep talk to the cast of the show about the new director.

One Shoe Emma

The regular customers of Diner including Randy Quaid, Robert Downey Jr., and Jon Lovitz start making fun of their waitress. The name of the waitress is Emma played by Danitra Vance and she has only one shoe.

Big Time Professional Golf

This Randy Quaid SNL Sketch starred Robert Downey Jr. as Dr. Pummel, Anthony Michael Hall as Professor Lanny Lundquist, Tony Danza as Gary “The Russian” Snyder and Randy Quaid as Bobby “Longball” Halverson. They all come together and turn the boring sport of golf into quite a spectacle.

Randy Quaid SNL Sketches

30 Second Count

Boxing has changed. Well, at least one rule has definitely changed if not much in this Randy Quaid SNL Sketch. The new rule allows Tony Danza and Anthony Michael, the two prizefighters to get up again with the 30 seconds of a knockout.

The Late Show with Joan Rivers: Vadim

Brigitte Bardot (Catherine Oxenberg), Jane Fonda (Joan Cusack) and Catherine Deneuve (Nora Dunn) have written a book together, it’s called ‘Vadim’. They join Joan Rivers (Terry Sweeney) as guests on her new talk show and talk about the book. Randy Quaid SNL Sketches.

Brim Decaffeinated

Nora Dunn plays the role of a sleepy waitress who convinces an exhausted regular customer to take a new decaffeinated coffee. She claims it to be a rich and full flavor of a regular coffee.

Guys Behind Bars

This Randy Quaid SNL Sketch is about dreams. These are the far-fetched dreams of two prison inmates who are chained to the wall and keep making vague plans about breaking out of jail.


Natural Disasters are harsh tragedies and they disrupt our everyday life. But that’s not the case if these disasters are a part someone’s everyday life. The SNL Sketch features Randy Quaid, Anthony Michael Hall, Nora Dunn as the three residents of a town that’s frequently hit by tornadoes. So they casually discuss what happened in the latest tornado.

Randy Quaid SNL Sketches

Midday with Bond Villains

This is the fan favorite Randy Quaid SNL Sketch. On the hypothetical show called “Midday with Jennifer Hicks”, the show host welcomes all the classic Bond villains. Her evil guests Auric Goldfinger (Jimmy Breslin), Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Jon Lovitz) and Emilio Largo (Randy Quaid), all gather to advertise their guide to global extortion.

Hands Across America Cold Open

Randy Quaid as the one-legged runner Kevin Brennan, comes into jeopardy and the charities collide when the Hands Across America supporters refuse to break the chain to let Kevin go.

Moments of Doubt at Breakfast

The SNL sketch takes a funny look at the daily interaction of members in a family. As Randy Quaid, Anjelica Huston and Joan Cusack sit down together for the breakfast. But everyone has their share of doubts regarding their young marriage, their relationship with each other and trivial thought like did they forget the car keys.

The People’s Second Choice Awards

Being the second choice really sucks. So the Saturday Night Live cast arranged an award show for those brave souls who couldn’t become the best. Randy Quaid hosted the show as he was also the second choice of many when it came to Quaid brothers when it came to acting. So the relatable Randy Quaid gave awards to the People’s second choice who were Tito Jackson, Buzz Aldrin and Roger Moore.