Randy Quaid Sex Tape | Randy Quaid Porn | Randy Quaid vs Rupert Murdoch Mask

Surprised? Well, we always suspected that Randy Quaid and his wife Evi were something out of this world. Didn’t we? All the social constructs that hold the human society together, might just be an intricate part of the great big conspiracy of the “Star Whackers”. After all, the evil syndicate lurking behind the shadows in the Hollywood are out for the Quaids to “Whack ‘em” and rip them off their possessions. Maybe that’s really the truth. But after watching the Randy Quaid Sex tape, we are beginning to suspect the otherwise. Maybe the Quad’s are really suffering from some kind of a mental illness as no sane person would do what they are willing to.

What did Randy Quaid do this time?

The famous American actor Randy Quaid uploaded a video on his YouTube channel, violating Rupert Murdoch from his back. Well, Randy Quaid didn’t actually f*ck the media mogul in the A*s. Instead, his wife Evi Quaid was wearing a Rupert Murdoch mask while the couple simulated the ‘sex’ in the Randy Quaid sex tape.  Randy Quaid started with his rant about all the injustice that was being done to him and his wife Evi Quaid. Now, for the record, the couple has been on the run from the law enforcement for their vandalism charges.

Randy Quaid Sex Tape

But Randy Quaid kept ranting about the Evil syndicate that is the star whackers. He kept accusing the big giants like the Warner Brothers Entertainment, Village Roadshow Pictures CEO, Bruce Berman, The New York Post and Rupert Murdoch. The traffic on his channel blew up as he told that he and Evi were on the run to ‘save’ their lives. As the Star Whackers were out for their blood and the evil syndicate of finance managers and accountants want to snatch all their belongings.

Randy Quaid Sex Tape

The veteran actor took the internet with a storm by releasing his homemade porn on a popular platform like YouTube. In the Randy Quaid sex tape, the famous actor starts ranting about his civil rights. His wife Evi Quaid is sitting behind him on the bed in aviators and a bikini with thigh high stockings. Randy Quaid rants about how the media mogul Rupert Murdoch and Warner Bros. ‘stole’ his house.

Randy Quaid also accused them of getting him and his wife Evi ‘falsely arrested’ by the TMZ six times. He also complained that Murdoch failed to thank him when Randy Quaid saved the world as shown in the science documentary titled “Independence Day”. Randy Quaid claimed that the industry giants like Murdoch and Warner Bros. conspired with the New York Post to smear him “with a pack of lies”. The actor went on and one about the ‘injustice’ that had been done to him.

Randy Quaid message to Rupert Murdoch

Randy Quaid Sex Tape

Now, when you feel that it couldn’t get any weirder, oh it gets! Up until this point, you might be wondering “where’s the sex part in the Randy Quaid sex tape?” Well, after ranting about the media mogul and big media corporations like Village Roadshow Pictures and Warner Bros. the Randy Quaid grabs a Rupert Murdoch mask and asks his wife to wear it as she comes forth. When Evi puts on the Mask and assumes the ‘doggie style’, Randy Quaid says,

“So Rupert, you want to fuck me? I’m gonna fuck you.”

And he starts simulating the sex with his wife who is wearing the Rupert Murdoch mask, metaphorically f*cking Rupert Murdoch. Or at least, that’s what it looked like in Randy Quaid’s head.