Randy Quaid Net Worth, Salary 2017 | Source of Wealth

Randy Quaid net worth is the value of all the assets that he owns minus the debts. The net worth is the modern way of estimating the success of a person in terms of finance. The net worth can define our position against the rest of the competition. As our work defines us and the better we are at our work, the more is or net worth. Same goes for the celebrities. The higher the acting skills the higher is the net worth of a certain actor.  Randy Quaid net worth is over a million dollars because of his talent and acting skills.

The veteran actor Randy Quaid has taken over more than 160 projects during his long career in the Hollywood industry. Randy Quaid was born on 1 October 1950 in Houston Texas, U.S. He was born in a family of very talented individuals. His father was an actor and an electrician. His brother is also a skilled actor and has a net worth of $40 million himself. Randy Quaid’s daughter Amanda is a rising Hollywood star and a celebrated Broadway actor. He himself has taken on some of the most challenging roles in the film that certainly contributed to the boost in his net worth.

Randy Quaid Source of Income:

Randy Quaid is one of the old stars but he is a very talented actor. His main source of income is his acting career as he taken different roles in more than 160 projects. The famed actor has taken over some of the most difficult roles in his films. He has experienced several defining moments in his career since his debut in the 70s. The source of income for him includes film, television and theatre projects. Randy Quaid is also a skilled director and producer. He has directed and produced some of his own projects. One project, in particular, was “The Debtors” which is a comedy film he produced in 1999.

Randy Quaid Net Worth:

Randy Quaid is one of the most famous actors in the Hollywood industry due to iconic roles in comedy and drama films. He is a truly talented actor who has worked his way up since his debut in 1971. The first Hollywood movie that he took part in was The Last Picture Show directed by Peter Bogdanovich. He has become more and more famous ever since.

Randy Quaid Net Worth is estimated to be $1 million USD.

His earliest success in the world of acting was a cast member of Saturday night live. This started in the year 1985 and stretched for a year till 1986. He has also worked for many companies in their ad campaigns in the past. But he has been involved in several conflicts with the law enforcement which has tainted his fame a bit. Despite the legal troubles, Randy Quaid Net worth is still estimated to be approximately 1 million dollars. All of this money has been earned through the acting gigs.

Randy Quaid Movies:

The famed actor has taken part in over a hundred films in his long career. He debuted in the movie The Last Picture Show directed by Peter Bogdanovich. Quaid played the role of Lester Marlow and the movie was released in 1971. Ever since its release, Randy Quaid was thrown into fame and never looked back. Some of the most popular Randy Quaid movies are given below.

Brokeback Mountain (2005)

The award-winning film Brokeback Mountain deals with some heavy subject of a complicated romantic relationship between two men. Jack Twist the rodeo cowboy and Ennis Del Mar the ranch hand are both hired by Joe Aguirre as sheepherders. But the two men develop feelings for each other that Ennis doesn’t fully understand and marries Alma, his longtime sweetheart. The role of Joe Aguirre was played by Randy Quaid. And Lee directed the movie and released it on 30 November 2005. The movie won a total of 38 Awards including the Academy Award for Best Director.

Independence Day (1996)

The plot of this movie is as generic as it can be. It’s got all the clichés about aliens invading the planet Earth on the Independence Day of United States. It’s got heroes who fight off the enemy and save the day. But this movie is still massively entertaining because it’s the clichés done right. The movie is aware of its unlikely plot and the stereotype involved, and it plays out all the comedic aspects of the movie masterfully. Roland Emmerich directed the movie and released it on 25 June 1996. The movie had a budget of 75 million dollars but made 817.4 million dollars at the Box Office.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

Randy Quaid has become famous for playing roles that are larger than life. And he returns as the hick goofy cousin Eddie in the second part of the National Lampoon’s Vacation. The movie has almost the same storylines but more great jokes. Just as the Christmas approaches the Griswolds get ready for celebrations but the cousin Eddi shows up with his family to camp on the Griswold property. The director of the movie was Jeremiah S. Chechik and it was released on 30 November 1989.

The Last Detail (1973)

The comedy-drama deals with a subject of Stockholm syndrome. As the sailor, Larry Meadows is to be escorted to the New Hampshire prison by two Navy Men Billy and Mule. Larry is sentenced to eight years in prison but the three become friends along the way making it harder for Billy and Mule to carry out their orders. Hal Ashby directed this movie and the initial release was on 12 December 1973.

Kingpin (1996)

The bowling film Kingpin was a massive success with Woody Harrelson playing as a passionate bowler who couldn’t make his own career in bowling due to a crippling hand injury. It has Bill Murray playing as his disreputable colleague pulling the strings behind the trick that ended his career. And finally, it has Randy Quaid playing as the Amish bowling prodigy Ishmael whom Woody plans to take to the top of bowling world. Bobby Farrelly and Peter Farrelly directed the movie and the initial release was on 26 July 1996. The movie did 25.02 million dollars at the box office.

Randy Quaid Salary:

Randy Quaid has taken on some of the most difficult roles in his career. And many of them have proven to be very worthwhile in terms of his salary. He has become famous for playing characters which are larger than life. Randy Quaid has made an image of being a goofy comic relief character in the movies. But the stupider his character is, the more he gets paid for playing it. Here are some of his salaries from some of his highest grossing films which have played a big role in making Randy Quaid Net Worth:

  • Movie Goya’s Ghosts  Salary: $ 1,000,000
  • Salary from the movie, The Adventures of Pluto Nash: $ 1,200,000
  • Kingpin Movie Salary: $ 2,200,000
  • Salary form the movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: $ 1,000,000

Randy Quaid House:

The skilled actor used to live with his wife Evi in their house located in Beverly Hills, California, U.S. But they sold their house in the 90s as Randy started getting more work in different locations. The couple had to move frequently so they didn’t buy a house instead they lived in hotel rooms or their car. The celebrity couple was arrested for squatting in the guest house of their previous house in California. The third owner of the houses fired a report against some strangers illegally living in the guest house of the property in 2009. They caused a damage of $5000 dollars and their bail was set at $50,000 dollars each. This incident caused a lot of damage to the Randy Quaid net worth.

Randy Quaid Cars:

Randy Quaid owns an early model of Toyota Prius which the couple has been using as a guest house as well as for travelling. The Toyota Prius that the Quaids own costs about $28,070 dollars. The couple said that it was their decision to go green by choosing the Hybrid Car. It’s their way of reducing their carbon footprint and the Prius is quite roomy as well so why not use it as a hotel room. During the recent activities of Quaids and all the frenzy going on about them and the “Star Whackers”, the couple is paranoid to leave their car and hire a room most of the times. So Randy Quaid and Evi Quaid spend some of their nights in their car along with their adorable pet dogs.