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Randy Quaid, an Academy Award nominee, is a profound actor of our time. His characters are famous to be larger than life. Quaid takes up characters which are challenging and difficult to perform. His performance has taken up his movies to a whole different level. Within his working career, Randy Quaid has starred in about 116 projects. These include movies, TV series and documentaries. He has also been a part of several controversies which have affected his working career quite a lot. Here is the list of Randy Quaid Movies and TV Shows:

Randy Quaid Movies List:

The list of Randy Quaid Movies is long. Apart from the acting projects, he has also worked as a guest producer, soundtracks and several other things. Down below are all the movies in which Randy Quaid has worked as an actor.

The Last Picture Show (1971)

The Last Picture Show is the first movie of the famous American actor’s career. The movie is centred around the story of two best friends, Sonny and Duane, who are high school seniors but still don’t know what to do with their lives. Duane has a beautiful girlfriend Jacy while Sonny has an affair with the Coach’s wife Ruth. As the graduation draws closer, both friends contemplate their future in their own ways to escape their dying town in Texas. The movie was directed by Peter Bogdanovich and the story was written by Larry McMurtry. According to Brian Costello of the Common Sense Media, The Last Picture Show belongs in the list of top ten all-time greatest American movies.

What’s Up Doc? (1972)

The second movie of Randy Quaid’s career revolves around the story of two researchers who start living in San Francisco in order to compete for a research grant in music. The male protagonist is initially a bit distracted and confused until he meets a strange woman who has devoted her life to making him even more confused and embarrassed. The film was directed by Peter Bogdanovich and he also wrote the story for it. The movie made 66 million USD at the Box Office.

Paper Moon (1973)

Randy Quaid played a role in yet another film by the director Peter Bogdanovich and this film was a massive hit. The movie is about depression and generally, there are two kinds of movies about depression, ones that ignore it and others that make it the subject. The paper moon combines two approaches in this story of a slick con-artist and a little girl who just lost her mother, teaming up to reach Missouri.

The Last Detail (1973)

The Last Detail is the movie that explores the psychology of prisoners and the relative authorities in the story of two Navy Lifers Billy and Mule, escorting a prisoner Larry Meadow to a New Hampshire prison as he sentenced for eight years. Three of them get very fond of each other. It’s like a legal spin on the Stockholm syndrome.

The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz (1974)

The story revolves around a young ambitious medical student Duddy Kravitz, living in the shadow of his big brother and determined to do whatever he has to in order to achieve his goal. And his goal is simple; to rise above the family’s poverty by making a lakefront land in Laurentian Mountains.

The Missouri Breaks (1976)

The Missouri Breaks is the movie about a self-entitled vigilante, David Braxton who hangs the best friend of a gang leader. Now the whole gang is ready to get even by making a small farm their battlefront. David hires a sharpshooter to take down the gang. Its one of the most selling Randy Quaid movies.

Bound for Glory (1976)

This is the movie about the life and struggles of an American music legend Guthrie. The biography of Guthrie reveals his struggles as he moves to California, leaving his wife behind and soon finds his populist political voice but he pays for it with his own life.

The Choirboys (1977)

The comedy film revolves around the work lives of a group of drunk, angry, geeky and weird police officers who close up the ranks to cover up the murder that one officer commits accidentally in a park. The movie is directed by Robert Aldrich. The Choirboys was one the hit Randy Quaid movies in the 70s.

Midnight Express (1978)

Midnight Express is a thriller indie film which narrates the story of a smuggler arrested and put in jail for 4 years while smuggling hash out of Turkey. He endures all kinds of abuse and privation for four years and just as he’s getting ready to be free after 4 years, he is sentenced to 30 more years in prison. He plots his escape as it seems the only option.

The Long Riders (1980)

The movie is about brothers who form a gang to rob banks but one of them ends up killing a man by accident. To let all the commotion fade away, the gang scatters. But they reunite for the last bank robbery which turns into an epic chase with the law enforcement. This movie was a landmark all the Randy Quaid movies.

Heartbeeps (1981)

The romantic comedy narrates the story of two robots in love. The robot valet and a robot party hostess flee from their duties to establish a new home and raise their own family. They have a mechanical child of their own but have to face a robotic enforcer programmed to apprehend the two mechanical lovers.

National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983)

The family adventure of the Griswolds from Illinois to California packs a lot of entertainment as the family of husband, wife and two children deal with car problems, the death of a family member and several other issues along the way, which get the trip derailed.

The Wild Life (1984)

The Wild Life is a comedy film that revolves around the story of two friends partying in a swinging singles apartment complex. The movie also dives deep into the teenage psychology and makes up a really funny narrative. It is one of the most famous Randy Quaid movies.

The Slugger’s Wife (1985)

The sports drama that is The Slugger’s Wife, explores the relationship of an outfielder Darryl Palmer from Atlanta Braves and a nightclub performer Debby Huston. Darryl Palmer needs Debby’s presence to get inspired and hit the home run, but that constant need of her presence alarms Debby. So she leaves to focus on her own career.

The Wraith (1986)

The Wraith is an action film that narrates the story of an aspiring racer named Wraith. Everyone gets all pumped up as Wraith get’s all geared up to race against an Arizona Hot Rodder in his turbocharged domestic car competing in a drag race in the desert. It is one of the few action films among the Randy Quaid movies.

LBJ: The Early Years (1987)

LBJ: The Early Years is the story of an ambitious congressional staffer aided by his equally ambitious wife. As he rises ranks to become a prominent member of the House of Representatives and is later promoted to become a senator. He is motivated by a sincere desire to help his people in Texas but faces the equally ambitious brothers John and Bobby form Massachusetts.

No Man’s Land (1987)

No Man’s Land seems to be the inspiration for the first part of Fast and Furious series as the story is quite similar. It begins when a cop is sent to track a gang stealing automobiles. But while working undercover, he becomes friends with the leader of the gang and falls in love with the leader’s sister.

Caddyshack II (1988)

The second part of Caddyshack narrates the story of a rude but a kind-hearted real estate tycoon Jack Hartounian, who applies for the membership of a country club but ends up buying the club after being insulted by a group led by Chandler Young. As Jack turns the club into an amusement park, Chandler hires some mercenaries to eliminate him.

Dead Solid Perfect (1988)

Dead Solid Perfect is the comedy film that revolves around the story of a wild pro golfer who has messed up a few times. He and his fed-up wife deal with several problems and get their life in line to get ready for the U.S. Open. This movie holds quite a significance in the list of Randy Quaid movies.

Parents (1989)

The classic mystery film among the Randy Quaid movies is Parents. It revolves around the story of a 10-year-old boy named Michael Laemle as he suspects that something is wrong with his family as his dad brings home a lot of meat every night. So he invites a school counsellor over at dinner to help him resolve the matter.

Out Cold (1989)

Another dark comedy among the Randy Quaid movies is Out Cold, in which he played the role of a dimwitted detective. He takes on the murder case of Ernie whose partner Dave has an affair with his wife Sunny. They own a butcher’s shop together and Dave is frozen to death when he is locked in the store’s freezer. This a tragic comedy among the Randy Quaid movies.

Bloodhounds of Broadway (1989)

Bloodhounds of Broadway is probably the worst movie in Randy Quaid’s Hollywood career as it had a budget of 26 million dollars but managed to make just $43,671 at the Box Office. The narrative of the story follows a chorus girl, a lunkhead and a socialite as they mingle on the New Year’s Eve of 1928.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

The Griswolds get ready for another holiday season as the Christmas is near. So Clark Griswold and his wife Ellen get ready to celebrate their perfect Christmas celebrations with their children when Clark’s cousin shows up with family and Clark’s employers go back on their promise of holiday bonuses.

Days of Thunder (1990)

Days of Thunder is a sports drama which focuses on the rivalry of two racers. The rookie Cole Trickle messes up with the veteran racer Rowdy Burns and the two racers race against each other, getting seriously injured in the end. this is one of the most loved Randy Quaid movies of all-time.

Quick Change (1990)

What could be more entertaining than a bunch of clowns executing a flawless bank robbery while taking hostages but not being able to get the airport because of a series of unfortunate events? The Randy Quaid movie Quick Change is the story of three best friends who become the clown bank robbers but face a number of problems while getting away.

Texasville (1990)

Texasville is a sequel to The Last Picture Show which was the first Randy Quaid movie in his Hollywood career. This time, the story revolves around the two 1950s lovers Jeff Bridges and Cybill Shepherd who cross each other’s roads in 1980s.

Martians Go Home (1990)

When it seems like humans are doomed and the unbearable Martians come to earth to take over our world with their filthy green hands, the music of the Hollywood composer Mark Devereaux becomes the last hope of humanity. This movie was a disaster among the Randy Quaid movies.

Freaked (1993)

Another science fiction fantasy among the Randy Quaid movies is ‘Freaked’  in which Randy Quaid plays the role of the shady owner of a weird amusement park who turns humans into grotesque mutants with a toxic compound that a company named Everything Except Shows uses in its products.

The Paper (1994)

 The narrative of The Paper revolves around the daily life of an editor at the New York Sun which is a tabloid paper currently facing some financial problems. As he considers another job offer with lesser hours and more pay while getting his biggest story published in years, he gets into trouble with his boss.

Next Door (1994)

Randy Quaid movies are famous for being about the real life. Next Door is about two neighbours out for each other in a conflict over some wilted azaleas. The conflict is triggered by two families of a butcher and his wife and a professor and wife living next door to each other.

Bye Bye Love (1995)

The movie Bye Bye Love is a romantic comedy about divorce and the life after it. The story revolves around the daily lives of three friends Dave, Vic and Donny who have recently divorced and try to move on with lives facing their own problems. It is one of the most famous Randy Quaid movies.

Last Dance (1996)

The story of ‘Last Dance’ revolves around the clemency case of Cindy Liggett who is ruled to death for the charges of first-degree murder on her. Her case is fought by a young lawyer who develops a friendship with her client while uncovering some vital flaws in the investigation.

Independence Day (1996)

Here is another action thriller among the Randy Quaid movies with a story revolving about the total annihilation of the human race by the enormous force of an alien race invading earth on the 4th of July. It is full of clichés but this movie was a big hit in 1996 and did a business of 817.4 million dollars at the Box Office.

Kingpin (1996)

Among the Randy Quaid movies, Kingpin is one of the most famous movies. Kingpin is the underdog story of an Amish bowling prodigy Ishmael and his coach Roy Munson. Roy Munson had a promising career in bowling when he was young, but he got his bowling hand crippled while participating in a con game.

Vegas Vacation (1997)

And yet again the Griswolds pack their bags and get into their car for another vacation. The third part of ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation’ we get ready for another adventure but this time, the Griswolds are taking over Las Vegas.

Hard Rain (1998)

Hard Rain is the story of a natural disaster and all the problems that come after it including the looting and petty thieves. The sheriff Mike and all the residents of a small town of Huntingburg, get ready to evacuate their homes when the torrential rains make the water level rise and the flood comes in. Meanwhile, there is an armoured car sent from the local bank to transport 3 million dollars.

Purgatory (1999)

Purgatory is the story of Blackjack Britton, the outlaw who robbed a bank with his gang and fled through a dust storm to get away ending up in a sleepy town. The people of the town seem lazy and lack a sense of fighting back so the gang tries to take an advantage of the situation. But they come to know later that the town is a refuge for the disappeared yet famous gunfighters.

The Debtors (1999)

This movie is just another comedy that doesn’t hold much significance in the Randy Quaid filmography with a critical point of view. But it is the movie which led Randy Quaid to meet his new wife Evi Quaid as she directed this film.

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (2000)

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle is a movie that combines live action with animation to present the audience with a new experience. The two favourite characters of many old Americans, Rocky and Bullwinkle escape to the real world and decide to take over the U.S.

Not Another Teen Movie (2001)

As we all know what a ‘teen movie’ should be like, a nerdy girl with the glasses and a ponytail outcast by all the students in her school and a popular student who is also football star becomes the prince charming for our girls as he makes a stupid bet to make her the prom queen.

Frank McKlusky, C.I. (2002)

This movie is about the story of a troubled young man with daddy issues and his aversion to any kind of risk rooted in his mind because of the tragic death of his father while doing a motorcycle stunt. He becomes an insurance investigator who wears a helmet everywhere he goes and takes his job way too seriously.

The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002)

The year is 2087 and Pluto Nash gets into trouble after refusing to sell his nightclub to a local mob whose leader plans to take over the moon. Now Pluto Nash has to do something to avoid the moon from being hijacked.

Grind (2003)

You do know the feeling of that urge to follow your idols everywhere in the world when you are a teenager. The teen movie Grind explores that feeling and builds upon that when three friends travel across the country to watch a legendary skateboarder perform in a competition.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 2 (2003)

Here comes the fourth sequel to the series of Griswolds taking vacations. The last part of ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation’ narrates an event from the lives of Griswolds as their family is stuck on an island when their ship is wrecked in the storm.

Milwaukee, Minnesota (2003)

The movie tells the story of a disabled fishing champion Albert Burroughs who has spent his whole life with his overprotective and possessive mother and a kind shopkeeper. As his mother suddenly dies, all the people start coming to meet him in his small town in Wisconsin and trying to take all his belongings.

Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Brokeback Mountain is probably the most famous movie in Randy Quaid’s Hollywood career. The movie explores the love affair and the romance between two men over the course of 20 years. The two long-term partners Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar manage their affair while Ennis is married to Alma, his longtime sweetheart.

The Ice Harvest (2005)

The story revolves around an attorney of a mobster who happens to get his hands on a big sum of black money which he tries to embezzle with his associate. They plan to spend it all on a Christmas eve but get stuck in a strip club because of an ice storm that blocks all roads. And the attorney lets on about the money by accident.

Goya’s Ghosts (2006)

The story revolves around the struggles of a Spanish Inquisition member Lorenzo to impress the Inquisitor General by capturing the muse of a famous artist. The famous artist is Francisco Goya whose father is a wealthy merchant and he captures Lorenzo and tortures him. Lorenzo has to devise a plan to escape.

Balls Out: Gary The Tennis Coach (2009)

Balls Out: Gary The Tennis Coach is the most recent Randy Quaid movie released on 13 January 2009. The movie narrates the story of high school tennis players trying to win the state championship and their coach is a maintenance man. The movie was directed by Danny Leiner and did a business of 15 million dollars at the Box Office.

Randy Quaid TV Shows:

The skilled actor has also worked in some TV series with a catchy storyline and won the hearts of thousands even on television.

Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones (1980)

The docudrama narrates the story of a cult leader Jim Jones who takes his people to a town located in South America and orders for a mass suicide. The drama explores the psychology of suicide and was directed by William Graham. The drama was produced by CBS network.

Davis Rules (1991-1992)

Davis Rules is an American sitcom with some really touching moments. It revolves around the life of a widowed elementary school principal. He and his dad are raising three boys and it’s quite challenging. There are two seasons with 16 episodes each and the first episode aired on 27 January 1991. The Drama was finalized on 13 May 1992.

Murder in the Heartland (1993)

The television miniseries explores the psychology of serial killing and the moral of people affected. It becomes interesting when the serial killer is a 19-year-old boy named Charles Starkweather. The mini tv series was written by Michael O’Hara and its all 3 episodes were aired on American Broadcasting Company.

Streets of Laredo (1995)

Streets of Laredo is another American mini tv series that follows Woodrow Call, a former Texas Ranger’s Captain who is hired by a railroad company to hunt down a Mexican Bandit. The miniseries has a total of 3 episodes and the first episode was aired on 12 November 1995. The tv series has won several awards like the ‘American Society of Cinematographers Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Mini-Series or Specials’.

The Magical Legends of the Leprechauns (1999)

The American TV program consisting of just two long episodes explores a world of fantasy when our protagonist who is a burned-out businessman is thrown into the world where he must act a peacemaker and resolve the conflict between fairies and leprechauns after the children of their leaders confess their love for each other.

The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire (2003)

The inspiring American drama series is about the brotherhood of three inseparable brothers who used to hockey stars in high school but face career challenges as they grow older. One becomes the Mayor of Poland, other becomes a Police Captain and the third brother struggles with unemployment.

5ive Days to Midnight (2004)

The mystery of a physics professor predicted to be murdered in five days consists of four episodes and was directed by Michael W. Watkins. The physics professor J.T. Neumeyer is confronted with the documents that he found in a briefcase. The papers predict that someone is going to murder him in just five days. Now he has to catch his own murderer.

Category 6: Day of Destruction (2004)

Day of Destruction is a disaster film with a story revolving around the residents of Chicago facing several problems due to the extreme weather conditions posing an extreme threat on their lives and a nation-wide blackout due to the natural disaster. The first episode of this thrilling drama was aired on 14 November 2004 and was directed by Dick Lowry.

Category 7: The End of the World (2005)

The End of the World is a sequel to the previously mentioned disaster film. This time the threat is even bigger and the fate of the world rests in the hands of the Director of FEMA, two storm chasers and a scientist as they dig deeper to find the way to escape this worldwide disaster.

Elvis (2005)

The television film released under the title ‘Elvis’ is a biography of the American music legend with the same name. Elvis Presley the musical genius was born 8 January 1935 in Tupelo and gained recognition as the prince of rock ‘n’ roll in the 1950s.

Texas Ranch House (2006)

The American TV series explores the ideas and daily routines of different individuals experiencing life in the Old West. It was an original work by PBS and was nominated for the ‘Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directing – Reality Programs’. Randy Quaid has not taken part in acting but the whole series is actually narrated by Randy Quaid.

Randy Quaid Documentaries:

The famed actor Randy Quaid has also worked in a few documentaries that won many awards and nominations. Here are the documentaries in which Randy Quaid played his part.

Inside the Third Reich (1982)

Inside the Third Reich is a biography of a young genius architect Albert Speer. He started working in the army of Nazi Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and his title is Minister of Armaments. He crossed the ranks quickly and became a close friend to Adolf Hitler. But the twist begins after the death of Hitler as he is now dubbed as War Criminal. It was directed by Marvin J. Chomsky and was nominated for several awards.

Picture This (1991)

The first movie in Randy Quaid career came out to be a tremendous success. It is the story of two best friends in high school who live in small town in Texas. The people of the town are leaving to live in the cities and the town is slowly dying. And the two boys want to escape their small town as well and contemplate for a better future. The movie was directed by Peter Bogdanovich and he tried to shot every frame to the perfection. The TV documentary shows everything going on behind the lens on the set of The Last Picture Show.

George Wallace: Settin’ the Woods on Fire (2000)

Everything changed after the American Civil Rights Movement as there was no discrimination anymore. Everyone had the equal opportunities of success based on merit. It was good for the people of colour and victims of social discrimination, some people up front opposed the movement. This is a documentary to explore the career of the politician who became famous for resisting the civil rights movement. It was made by the filmmakers Daniel McCabe and Paul Steckler.

Randy Quaid has worked as worked in a variety of fields related to cinematography and Hollywood. His movies, however, stand out amongst all of his other domains of work. All in all, Randy Quaid is indeed a capable and brilliant actor. His work speaks for itself. What do you think about Randy Quaid Movies? Tell us in the comments down below.