Randy Quaid Memes | Best Cousin Eddie Memes

Randy Quaid Memes

Completely oblivious to his lack of manners and his painful idiocy, the good ‘ol cousin Eddie made another appearance in the Vacation series and this time, he owned it. Cousin Eddie would probably the best thing ever happened to both Vacation series and Randy Quaid. The American actor Randy Quaid portrays the role of that poor relative that everyone has, who is always down on his luck and doesn’t have a dime to spend on his family on vacations. Randy Quaid as the Cousin Eddie is a tragedy and the joke of the story at the same time.

Randy Quaid Memes

His lack of education and manners results in some of the hilarious moments in the movie. And those moments went on around the internet reaching a legendary status that is ‘a meme.’ In this day, the memes are the pinnacle of a cultural phenomenon that carries all the information about a moment that has a definitive meaning and often presented as a piece of well-thought humor. So let’s just jump into the Randy Quaid memes – Best of Cousin Eddie.

“Shitter’s Full”

Here is our favorite cousin Eddie dumping human excretion and hazardous chemicals in Clark’s Sewer. He’s wearing his stupid hat and robe and holding a morning beverage as he greets ‘Merry Christmas’ while also giving the explanation for why he’s dumping shit in Clark’s sewer. This meme had to have the first spot among the Best of Cousin Eddie.

 “Leave You for Dead?”

A cheap manner-less relative can be a handful sometimes. We all have that one relative who has no regard, whatsoever, about your pocket and your peace of mind. He comes barging in on Holidays even if he’s not invited. You want to be polite with him but what you want is to leave him out in the middle of nowhere for good.

“What to Get for Clark?”

This is the moment when we all can relate to the Cousin Eddie. When the poor cousin wants to give his well-settled cousin a great gift in return, with his cousin’s credit of course. Cousin Eddie wishes to get Clark a really lovely gift but he can’t think of anything that Clark might want and wouldn’t be so hard on his pocket.


Cousin Eddie is a kind person at heart. And he would never leave his ill-behaved dog Snots outside when the whole family barges into Griswold’s house to celebrate Christmas. But the dog named Snot gets in, he destroys their house while chasing squirrels. While Clark can’t do anything to the dog, he becomes paranoid from the squirrels.

“Gift That Keeps on Giving”

Clark Griswold planned to give his family the best Christmas ever as he was expecting a big bonus from his boss. But what he got was a year-long membership to the Jelly of the Month Club. While Clark is disappointed, Eddie thinks that’s a “gift that keeps on giving the whole year!”

Randy Quaid Memes

“Find Someone Who Looks at You”

When the Griswold family goes on Vegas Vacation and Cousin Eddie tags along, Eddie meets someone famous there. He meets Wayne Newton, the legendary entertainer often known by the nicknames of Mr. Las Vegas, The Midnight Owl, and Mr. Entertainment. The Aw and affection of Cousin Eddie towards Newton is to envy.

“Hasn’t Worked in 7 Years”

This cousin Eddie meme isn’t directly related to the story of any vacation movie, but that’s a hint. Cousin Eddie is that poor relative who is down on his luck and can’t find any work. But he pretends to be waiting for a big break in his career.

“Just Let Him Finish”

When Cousin Eddie and his family barge into the house to celebrate Christmas, they bring in their unruly dog named Snots as well. Snots as the ill-mannered animal he comes up to Clark and starts peeing on his leg at which Eddie responds as:

“We’re taking It with Us.”

If you have a relative who is just like Cousin Eddie, then you better be careful while complimenting them on their possessions. People down on their luck feel very protective about the few things that they own. When Clark complimented Eddie’s RV/house too much, he had this as an answer.

“It Does Just Fine by Itself”

The good ‘ol cousin Eddie and his family are down on their luck. And it has been months since they eat a fancy dinner. So when they are presented with fancy food at the Griswold house, awkward remarks are bound to be made. And some of them are bound to be funny. Like Cousin Eddie’s response:

“This Our Family’s First Kidnapping”

No gift is more precious at the time of Christmas then the love and support of your family. Cousin Eddie kidnapped Clark’s boss to make him realize the hardships of Clark and his family when he did give his employee’s any Christmas bonus. But all the family owned the kidnapping when the police arrived.

Randy Quaid Memes

“Real Nice”

When Clark and Eddie go out for shopping, but Eddie doesn’t have a dime to spend on Christmas, he starts picking dog food and a lot of it. Clark realizes and insists that he would buy some gifts for Eddie’s children. Eddie resists at first but feels touched by the sentiment. Until he takes out an alphabetical list of things that his family wants to buy for them.

“Family’s Cousin Eddie”

This meme sums up everything that Cousin Eddie stands for. Cousin Eddie isn’t just another character on the big screen. He’s the goofy cousin and kind-hearted uncle that every family has. And there’s quite a chance that it might be you.

“It’s called a Dickie.”

Cousin Eddie is quite an unusual guy and making small talk with such a man can also be a very unusual experience as they go on and on about everything about them. When Clark and Eddie indulge in small talk, Eddie reveals that the black underwear that shows up through his shirts (that looks quite dull) is called a Dickie.