Randy Quaid GMA Interview | What Happened to Randy Quaid and His Wife?

Randy Quaid GMA Interview

If you have never watched a single episode of ‘Good Morning America’ ever, then there could be only one of two things going on here. Either you don’t like ABC news, or you just aren’t a morning person. But if you happen to have a thing for conspiracies or love to laugh at them, then the Randy Quaid GMA interview is a must watch. Randy Quaid and his wife Evi have quite a lot going on in their life and in a grand scheme of things it is just a load of BS. The infamous couple fled to Canada in October 2010 and sought refuge there as they were ‘running for their lives.’  Here’s what they told in the GMA interview after being released from detention and this is one of the weirdest interviews ever.

Randy Quaid GMA Interview

What Happened to Randy Quaid and His Wife?

The first question that pops into the mind of a normal person is that “WTH happened to Randy Quaid?” Many people grew up watching their favorite Uncle Eddie (Randy Quaid) doing stupid things in The National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Randy Quaid was the bowling prodigy Ishmael in one of the most comedy movies ever, named Kingpin. He even saved the humanity once by rushing his plane straight into the Alien Spaceship in the film called Independence Day.

But it was all ruined when the Quaids were arrested for skipping on a hefty hotel bill. After that, they were caught squatting in the guest house of a former house that they once owned but sold it years ago. They reported by neighbors and were charged with property damage and vandalism. So, they skipped the court hearings and fled to Canada claiming that their lives were in danger. They sought refuge in Canada from the ‘criminals’ in the states. Just the everyday stuff right?

Who Is After Randy Quaid & His Wife?

Randy Quaid and his wife Evi claim to falsely accused of all the criminal activities, and yet they skipped the court hearings. They refer to themselves as ‘hollywood refugees’ saying that they have been running from a wild manhunt. They claim that they have bugged, their cell phones have been taped, they were stalked and their computers were hacked. But after hearing all their excuses, when Andrea Canning asked the troubled couple to pinpoint the evil people who were after their lives, they couldn’t answer. So Quaids avoided the question claiming that there was a “malignant tumor Star- Whackers in the Hollywood.”

Randy Quaid GMA Interview

Star Whackers – The Murderous Hollywood Cult?

Even with Andrea’s prodding, the Quaids didn’t make any clearer who the people in the Star Whackers could be and who they had their doubts on. But they tried to make their point clear by revealing their sinister deeds. Randy Quaid and his wife claim that deaths of big celebrities like Heath Ledger, David Carradine, and Chris Penn might not be just accidents. According to Quaids, the Hollywood based evil syndicate murdered the celebrities to make a bank out of their royalties. The troubled couple said that the accidental asphyxiation of David Carradine and the drug overdose for Heath Ledger was ‘flat-out fraud.’ Randy Quaid wouldn’t give out any clues or call out any names. But Evi did mention by saying that,

“(It’s) an estate planner who has created a living trust in a county that could cash Randy’s royalty stream forever.”

It seemed like Evi wanted to say a bit more until Randy got mad at her saying,

“Evi will you shut up, please!”

Star Whackers Separated Randy from Brother Dennis

Randy Quaid even claimed that the Star Whackers separated him from his brother Dennis Quaid. And that Dennis has also been victimized by the evil cult but refuses to believe that after being warned by Randy. He said that the past few years had been a bit tense, but he loves his brother. But he has been victimized by the ‘same people.’ But he never laid out any names or clues. It was mind-boggling as for how quickly the Randy Quaid GMA interview became a ‘blame it all on the evil syndicate’ show.

The fact that Randy and Dennis didn’t get along was out in the open, and everyone knew that it was Evi’s fault. She bought the wrong present for Randy’s little brother and made an insult to his previous relationship with Meg Ryan and her affair with Russell Crowe. Due to which, the brothers haven’t spoken to each other in years.

Who are the Next Targets of Star Whackers?

Andrea Canning went down to Vancouver just to interview the controversial and troubled couple who fled to Canada to avoid the vandalism charges in California, USA. But what she got was outright crazy. The Quaids evaded her questions to call out any names or lay down their doubts. They kept going on and on about how they patronized by the Hollywood Executives. They made it look like everything wrong in any actors life was. Because it was planned in the evil grand scheme of the murderous Hollywood Star Whackers.

And while they were at it, they even revealed who the next victims of the syndicate would be. Aside from Randy Quaid and Evi of course. They claimed in the Randy Quaid GMA interview. That the ‘troubled’ celebrities like Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, and Mel Gibson are the next targets.

Randy Quaid GMA Interview

When asked about the racist and anti-semantic rants of Mel Gibson. Randy Quaid and his wife deemed him already a victim of the great Star Whackers. Evi Quaid said,

“I think he was drugged. I think he was slipped a Mickey. They are businessmen. It’s the mafia; it’s organized crime.”

Upon which Randy Quaid added,

“It’s possible for people to gain control of every facet of your life.”

And then he channeled the conversation again to the atrocities he and his wife had to face saying,

“We’re just trying to find some safety and security in this. — Evi will you shut up, please! — We’re confronted with our true beliefs, our true values. Our very existence is challenged, and we feel very alive.”