Randy Quaid Family Guy Cameo

One must have been living under a rock all this time if one gets the title wrong, just saying. Because Family Guy is the second most amazing, sarcastic, comedic, animated show ever aired on television after the Simpsons. Family Guy started airing in 1999 and is still going strong. Randy Quaid Family Guy Cameo.

The animated American sitcom follows the story of the Griffin family and pays no heed to any political correctness. The show goes on to comment on the culture and various trends being integrated with the lives of its characters. When the veteran actor and the super spy conspiracy theorist, Randy Quaid made headlines in 2014 due to his crazy activities. And just like a good American sitcom, Family Guy had to comment.

Randy Quaid Family Guy Cameo

So This Is What Happened to Randy Quaid in Family Guy

Randy Quaid made his cameo in the Family Guy’s episode number 18 of season 12 titled “Baby Got Black”. It’s the episode when Peter’s son Chris and Jerome’s daughter Pam, decide to run away together. They just decided to take off as they were forbidden to date each other by their parents. Chris and Pam fled and hid at Quahog Motel. While taking refuge at the motel, they wonder what to do next when Jerome’s daughter Pam suggests that they take their clothes off and slip into the bed together.

After deciding to strip down and get into the bed together, Pam goes to the bathroom to take off her clothes, while Chris disrobes right there in the room. When he decides to jump into his bed, he finds Randy Quaid just lying in there. Randy asks Chris to go and sleep in another bed but starts to discuss his films with Chris before he cuts him off. He stays there in the room with Chris and Pam but the kids are found by Peter and Jerome. Jerome begins to re-evaluate about his feelings of Pam dating Chris after watching the admonishment of Chris by his father Peter. Jerome relents but Randy Quaid keeps interfering again and again at which Peter proposes to Jerome that they should kill him.

Randy Quaid Family Guy Cameo

What’s so Funny about That?

If you have come across some wicked names of any organizations like ‘The Hollywood Star Whackers’ or the ‘Pinko-Come Organization’ and know the name of the lunatic who suggested those, you must be laughing right now ‘cause you get the joke. For those who don’t know anything about the evil Hollywood syndicate that chased Randy Quaid and his wife out of the US and make them run to Canada, well what do you know.

Randy Quaid has been claiming for a while now that there exists an Evil Syndicate of top Hollywood. Executives who ‘kill’ successful actors and rob them of all their wealth and royalties. And he claims that he’s next in line after Heath Ledger and David Carradine. Don’t get me wrong, the presence of evil syndicate acting behind the scenes in Hollywood is somewhat possible. But Randy Quaid being a successful actor, that is the most unbelievable part so far. And Peter suggesting Jerome that they kill Randy Quaid is a sarcasm just highlighting the fact.