Randy Quaid Family | Wife, Brother Daughter | Relationship Status

There is no blessing greater than the love of your family. If a house is filled with love it becomes a home and we all know that home feels like heaven. Our family is the group of people who accept us however we are before the whole world. It gives us a sense of appreciation and makes us feel important because we are to our loved ones.

But sometimes, we face some complications with our family. And sometimes these problems become huge just as the problems among the Randy Quaid family. But it wasn’t always like this for the Quaids. So, if you are curious about Randy Quaid family history just as much as I am, keep on reading. As all the details about the famed actor’s family have been listed in this article.

Randy Quaid Family:

The famous American actor, Randy Quaid was born in a family rich of talented individuals. Randy Quaid was born on 1 October 1950 in Houston, Texas, U.S. He is the brother of critically acclaimed actor Dennis Quaid and the father of a rising Hollywood star Amanda Quaid. Dennis Quaid has performed in over a hundred projects.

Randy Quaid Family

While Amanda Quaid is still new to the industry, her directing, acting and speech skills have won her a prominent place in the industry. Having an English, Scots-Irish and Cajun ancestry, the Golden Globe winner Randy Quaid is a very talented individual himself. He has taken part in 90 movies and worked in a total of about 160 projects. Acting runs in the Randy Quaid family and here are the details of all the other members of his family.

Randy Quaid Father:

People often say that the dads have the most influence on the career choice of their boys. That seems to be exactly the case when it comes to Randy Quaid and his dad.  The name of Randy Quaid father was William Rudy Quaid. Mr. William was an electrician by profession and an actor by hobby. He often worked in the local theatres as a part-time actor and loved this part of his life. Randy Quaid father was his biggest inspiration when it came to his choice of profession. He took an acting class in his high school on a whim but he found himself infatuated with the act of acting. Mr. William was a hard-working man and supported his children in anything that they wanted to do.

Randy Quaid Mother:

The name of Randy Quaid’s proud mother was Juanita Bonniedale who used to work as a real estate agent. We all know that Randy Quaid inherited those acting germs from his father. But it was his mother who encouraged him to pursue his passions and harnessed his acting skills. Randy Quaid was very close to her mother as he was the oldest son. Juanita was a really smart and a hard working lady who always supported his children in doing what was right and following their passion. Randy Quaid mother was probably the sole reason why Randy Quaid chose to study acting instead of business. As she was an open minded lady and believed in her son to make it big one day.

Randy Quaid Brother:

Randy Quaid Family

The famous actor also has a brother who doesn’t need any introduction as he is just as famous as his big brother. The name of Randy Quaid brother is Dennis Quaid. He is another famous American actor who has worked in over a hundred projects. Dennis Quaid made his debut in 1979 as one of the four leads in the movie Breaking Away. The veteran actor has gained international fame through some of his award-winning roles in some iconic movies like A Dog’s Purpose, The Day After Tomorrow, The Rookie, The Parent Trap and The Big Easy. Dennis Quaid has made his name in the Hollywood industry on his own through his acting skills and pure talent. Just like his big brother, Dennis Quaid was also a student at the Houston University when he got his first role.

Randy Quaid Wife and Children:

Randy Quaid Ex-Wife:

The veteran actor Randy Quaid met his first wife in the late 70s. Randy Quaid and the former model Ella Marie Jolly got married on 11 May 1980. They had a beautiful baby girl named Amanda Quaid born on 29 May 1983. The marriage lasted for six years until the tension between the couple escalated. Randy Quaid and Ella Jolly separated on 9 September 1986.

Randy Quaid Family

It was later revealed that the problem was mainly from Randy as apparently he “didn’t want to be tied down to a family”. The marriage was a quick and impulsive move on Randy’s part but he realized it too late. Getting divorce seems like a wrong thing to do in such a situation, but frankly, there isn’t any choice if both aren’t happy about the relationship. Their divorce was finalized on 24 August 1989.

Randy Quaid Wife:

The American actor Randy Quaid met his second wife on the set of his movie Bloodhounds of Broadway in December 1987. Randy Quaid’s soon-to-be second wife Evi nee Motolanez had the duty of driving the main cast to the set. Evi was still new at her work and lost her way around while driving Randy Quaid to the set. It was that ride in the night that made both falls deeply in love with each other. While enjoying the ride with Evi, he decided to make her a part of Randy Quaid family. Randy Quaid proposed to her that day and they “went home, brushed their teeth and f*cked” as Evi recalls it. She has progressed in her career as well and she even went on to direct a movie of her own along with Randy Quaid.

Randy Quaid Family

Randy Quaid Children:

Randy Quaid Daughter:

The award-winning actor from The Last Detail has only one daughter and she is extremely talented. The name of his beautiful and skilled daughter is Amanda Quaid. Amanda is the daughter of his ex-wife, Ella Jolly. The talented daughter of Randy Quaid has a proficiency in multiple accents and mastery in several dialects. She is a well known Broadway artist and a very wise director. She is also a sound artist and has worked on the musical aspects of a few great short films and movies. Some of the projects that she has worked on include Masters of Sex, I’m Dying Up Here, Blue Bloods, English, and Toys.

Randy Quaid Family

Amanda has very little interaction with her dad, as she lived with her mother after her parents’ divorce. She doesn’t talk much about her dad. With all the recent controversies surrounding Randy Quaid and his current wife Evi, media has turned to Randy Quaid Family for their remarks and Amanda has avoided any question about her father’s personal life. Randy Quaid doesn’t have any children with his current wife Evi.