Randy Quaid and Dennis Quaid | Are Randy and Dennis Quaid Related

The first friends that we make are always our siblings. They are the first ones whom we interact with and start hanging out. Having a brother is a great feeling as they are always there for you whenever you need them. Brothers are always ready to help to no matter when you need it. The famous American actor Randy Quaid also has a brother, and his name is Dennis Quaid. Dennis Quaid is a very skilled and talented actor himself and needs no introduction. Both Randy Quaid and Dennis Quaid made it to the Hollywood on their own.

Randy Quaid and Dennis Quaid

They made their place by their talent and acting skills. Randy Quaid is a Golden Globe and Academy Awards nominee. As Dennis Quaid has won several awards as well, both brothers have made their name in the industry. But Randy Quaid and Dennis Quaid have had a rough time together recently. If you want to know what happened between Randy Quaid and Dennis Quaid, then keep on reading.

Randy Quaid and Dennis Quaid Relationship:

Both brothers, Randy Quaid and Dennis Quaid were born and raised in Houston, Texas, U.S. Their father’s name was William Rudy Quaid who was an electrician and also a part-time actor. The name of their mother was Juanita B. Quaid, and she was a real estate agent. Randy Quaid is the bigger brother as he was born in on 1 October 1950 while the date of birth of Dennis Quaid is 9 April 1954. So clearly, Randy Quaid is four years older than his younger brother Dennis Quaid. But the bigger brother Randy Quaid made his debut in the early 70s. He made his debut with the release of ‘The Last Picture Show’ in 1971. He began his Hollywood career in the late 70s with the release of ‘Breaking Away’ in 1979.

Dennis Quaid Hollywood Career:

Dennis Quaid is a very fine actor and perhaps a bit more talented than his brother. The famous American star began his career in the Hollywood industry in 1979 in the movie called ‘Breaking Away.’ It was a coming of age movie, and surprisingly enough, Dennis got to play one of the leads. He was immediately thrown into the stardom. Dennis Quaid has appeared in several big hits like The Day After Tomorrow, A Dog’s Purpose, The Parent Trap, and Innerspace. The veteran actor has received many awards for his acting roles. He has also directed a few projects. Dennis is currently the lead for the Amazon’s new dark apocalyptic TV series titled ‘Fortitude.’ He is also starring in the upcoming faith film ‘I Can Only Imagine.’ The movie narrates the story behind the song of the same name released in 1999 by the band MercyMe.

Randy Quaid and Dennis Quaid Movies Together:

Randy Quaid and Dennis Quaid

The celebrity brothers, Randy Quaid and Dennis Quaid are skilled veteran actors and stand out in the industry. Both of them made their name in the Hollywood with a lot of hard work and dedication. Both have worked in over a hundred projects during their long careers. But the number of movies that they have worked in together will surprise you. As Randy Quaid and Dennis Quaid have made only one movie together and it’s ‘The Long Riders.’

The Long Riders are the story of Jesse James and his gang known as the James-Younger Gang. During a bank robbery, one member of the gang named Ed Miller impulsively kills a man. So all the gang scatters to let the heat off and stay grounded for some time. The gang gathers again to do another robbery in hopes of doing something really big this time. But it all becomes an epic chase when the law enforcement gets on their trail.

What happened between Randy Quaid and Dennis Quaid?

With the recent criminal activities of Randy Quaid, the relationship of Randy Quaid and Dennis Quaid also seems to be affected. But the relationship between both brothers hasn’t always been so complicated. In fact, both brothers used to hang out together a lot, and they cared for each other. So much that they even chose the same career. But the relationship of Randy Quaid and Dennis Quaid appears to the conflict now. The brotherly love seems to have vanished. They don’t talk about each other a lot and avoid any such questions in the interviews.

How did it all begin?

The clash between the brothers initiated in a very typical way. Dennis Quaid was having problems with his marriage and just separated with his wife, Meg Ryan. Meg Ryan had an affair with another famous actor Russell Crowe after meeting him at the set of the movie Proof of Life. The news got to the media and took the world like a storm. The story of Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan printed on the front page of every magazine. When Meg Ryan left Dennis Quaid, she took an art-piece with her.

Randy Quaid’s wife Evi Quaid was very fond of shopping and had a fine taste as her collections featured in many magazines. So, Dennis asked Evi to buy something for that gap on his wall that was left there as Meg Ryan took the previous art piece. Evi brought an Andy Warhol art-piece titled Russell Means. The art piece named similar to the very reason Dennis Quaid was in that state. So there was a big family blow out, and both brothers have never been the same again. They don’t talk, and they don’t usually answer the questions about each other.

Randy Quaid and Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid opens up about his brother:

Dennis Quaid was furious with his brother and his wife when they mocked his misery with their gift. He yelled at his brother and his wife, and they yelled back to prove their innocence. As Randy Quaid and Evi Quaid say that they had not thought about ‘What Russell Means.’ The big family blow-out eventually cooled down. But right after that, Randy Quaid and his wife Evi started getting mixed in several criminal activities. The couple ran off from the Justice Department and didn’t attend the court hearings. When the PEOPLE asked Dennis Quaid about his brother’s whereabouts, he had this to say.

“I love my brother. That’s all I can say. I love my brother, and I miss my brother. That’s all I’m going to say.”