Is Randy Quaid Dead? | Randy Quaid Killed By Internet Death Hoax

When you get up in the morning only to read the news about the death of a very talented celebrity whom you thought you knew personally, everyone has felt that mix of emotions rushing into your brain at least once in their life. It’s especially the case if you’re really into the art of the late artist, movies of the late actor or director or music of the late musician.

But it gets really frustrating if you later find out that the death news was just a hoax and someone over the internet made a fool out of everyone. This is what happened to many of Randy Quaid fans on Monday, 4 July 2011. Many people shocked upon reading the “Randy Quaid Dead” headlines in the morning of the Independence Day. The Randy Quaid Dead news circulated the internet like wildfire among his fans only to find out that it was just fake news.

Randy Quaid Dead

Randy Quaid Killed By Internet Death Hoax

On the 4th of July, 2011, a thread created on the A forgotten corner of the internet dedicated to discuss and talk about the ‘Carnivorous Plants’. The thread claimed that the famous American actor Randy Quaid from the movies like Kingpin, Brokeback Mountain and Independence Day, had died of ‘an apparent overdose of painkillers and alcohol’.

The user claimed in his thread that then 61-year-old actor had died of an ‘acute intoxication’. The thread appeared to be citing the Houston Chronicles but didn’t provide any reliable links to any authentic media outlets. According to the thread, the authorities informed and lead to the scene by a frantic call to 911. The authorities immediately took Randy Quaid to the Memorial Herman Hospital where he ‘declared dead’. But in the end, it just turned out to be an Independence Day joke for the Independence Day star.

Randy Quaid Dead

Randy Quaid Death Hoax Troll

The thread that deemed Randy Quaid dead, created by the user losfreddy who joined the in September 2003. The user seems to very enthusiastic about his plants and he made this unusual post just to have some fun. He made the same post on another similar forum as well which is located at The hoax was just there to make an amusing reference to the Randy Quaid Independence Day movie. And troll the people who couldn’t get that.

Where is Randy Quaid Now?

After facing vandalism charges in California and avoiding them by fleeing to Canada in early 2011, and being detained by the Canadian law enforcement, Randy Quaid and his wife Evi freed in Canada on bonds but were soon to be deported to the USA. Randy and his wife also arrested in Texas stat for skipping on a hefty hotel bill. So when the Canadian authorities gave their verdict to deport the Quaids back to the USA. So, the next logical thing that they did to try to illegally cross the border on their own and get arrested.

After living like homeless people and running like fugitives, Randy Quaid and his Wife arrested in Vermont. Fortunately, the judge dropped all their charges but restricted them to stay in the state of Vermont. So Randy Quaid and his wife Evi have settled in Vermont as Evi grew up in that place.