Randy Quaid Daughter Amanda Quaid | Bio, Career, Photos and More

Our parents’ success is all we brag about when we are little and we aspire to become just like them when we grow up. But as we grow older, we realize the weight of all the expectations that society has from us in association with our parents. So it’s really hard to outshine the success of our own parents, especially in the show business. One such example is the success of Randy Quaid daughter Amanda Quaid.

Randy Quaid has always been in the news since he started working in the Hollywood. He is an acting maestro and there is no doubt about it. With his powerful acting and screen appearance, he has ruled the hearts of his fans for years. Unfortunately, things are not much in his favour these days. He is constantly facing economic issues, which are tarnishing his image. He and his wife Evi have been involved in several conflicts with the law enforcement. Due to recent the incidents, Randy Quaid is also cut off from his family. Which means no one knows about his whereabouts, not even Amanda Quaid.

Randy Quaid Daughter: Amanda Quaid

Born in Los Angeles, California on 29th May 1983, Amanda is the only daughter of Randy Quaid and Ella Jolly. She has a degree in Literature from Vassar College. She has spent her childhood in New York mostly while she can also speak Polish. Brought up in the house full of superstars like his father, Uncle Dennis Quaid and grandfather Buddy Quaid, there is no doubt that why she turned out to be so talented. Amanda Quaid is a skilled actor just like her father, but she is also a very talented director as well. She is a regular Broadways actress as well, where she has done many memorable roles in dramas with a catchy storyline. Being a Randy Quaid daughter, she has acting germs in her blood, which makes her excel in her work.

Amanda Quaid Broadway Shows:

The daughter of the award-winning actor has had her own struggles. She has made her name as a skilled actor with mastery in several dialects and accents while performing in some of the most famous and bold Broadway shows. She debuted as Jill Mason opposite to the Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe in Equus. In Mike Barlett’s Cock, she played the role of a London woman who was caught in the middle of a love triangle. In the Luck of the Irish, Amanda plays the role of Patty Ann Donovan, a racist Irish American who is down on her luck, living in Boston in the 1950s. When an African American family struggles to buy a home in an all-white community, she agreed to ghost buy a house for them. But a few years later, Ann has come to have ‘her’ home back.

Amanda Quaid in ‘They Promised Her the Moon’

Amanda’s latest pick at Broadway is called They Promised her the Moon, which is a pretty strong story. The story revolves around a woman who is an astronaut and faces discrimination on the basis of her gender. The play makes a statement on the issues of sexism and gender equality in the STEM fields as the lack of female engineers and scientists is quite significant in these areas. Many girls are not interested in the ‘sciency stuff’ and believe that STEM is just for the boys. The girls who believe otherwise, struggle to have a career in the STEM fields because of the same stereotype. The play ran from May 12th on Friday to 27th of May, Saturday at St. Clement’s Theatre, 8 pm sharp.

Amanda Quaid Hollywood Career:

Randy Quaid daughter, Amanda Quaid has also worked in the Hollywood industry and provided us with some of the great movies that we love. She has worked as an actress in the movies like Frankenstien (1992), Gerald L’Ecuyer: A Filmmaker’s Journey (2004), Non-Stop (2014) and Reds Hearten (2017). Amanda is even more talented than her father and has acted in many TV series just as her father. Some of the most famous TV series are All My Children (2006), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2012), Blue Bloods (2015), Masters of Sex (2016), Doubt (2017) and I’m Dying Up Here (2017). Amanda Quaid is also a very skilled and talented director. She is also very fluent in several dialects and accents. She has worked as a Dialect Coach for the cast of Non-Stop (2014), Sword of Destiny (2014) and The Chaperone (2016).

Amanda Quaid Short Films:

Amanda Quaid has directed and won several awards for her thought-provoking short films. In 2014, she wrote and directed her short film under the title English. The story revolves around a Polish mother who immigrates to America for the better future of her son. But when her son starts becoming fluent in English, she struggles to understand him. The quick assimilation of her child threatens her to fall behind. She has to catch up with him.

Amanda released another short film under the title Toys in 2016, exploring the role of sexuality in the upbringing of a child. The story revolves around the country farmer who wanted a son but a daughter was born. He treats her like a boy giving her all the toys meant for boys. His efforts backfire when she proves to be a savant.

The latest short film that Randy Quaid daughter released is called Postmortem. It is the story of a filmmaker who tries to solve the mystery of his grandfather by the only photograph that he left behind.

Amanda Quaid Net Worth:

The skilled and talented daughter of the successful actor has worked her way up to fame on her own. She has had her own struggles and has made her own name in the entertainment industry. Amanda Quaid is a director, actor, writer and even a dialect coach. She has proved her talents while performing for the camera and in a theatre loaded with the audience on the Broadway. Her net worth is about $800,000 as of 2017. But her net worth will exceed her father’s net worth very quickly given how talented she is.

Amanda Quaid Family Influence:

Randy Quaid daughter was born in the family of very talented individuals. She has a father like Randy Quaid and an uncle like the widely acclaimed actor, Dennis Quaid. She has definitely inherited her talents in acting from her father. But her keen observations about the human nature and the skill to direct seems to have been inspired by her mother Ella Jolly’s work as a psychotherapist. Her mother also loved to go to the theatre with her little daughter Amanda. That childhood spent watching theatre seems to inspire Amanda Quaid to do what she does.

Randy Quaid and his Daughter Amanda:

The award-winning actor Randy Quaid is nowhere to be found after all the conflicts with law enforcement. He skipped the court hearings and fled with his current wife Evi Quaid. When asked about her father and all the frenzy that’s been going on, Amanda Quaid avoids any comments. Amanda’s parents got divorced when she was 3 and lived her whole life with her mother Ella Jolly. She doesn’t talk about father much and there aren’t any public appearances together either. It would not be so farfetched to say that they don’t have a good relationship. When asked about her father in an interview, Amanda refused to comment on his father’s personal life.

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