Randy Quaid Crazy Stories Ranked From Stupid to Insane

Randy Quaid Crazy Stories

The veteran actor Randy Quaid and the shenanigans of the Hollywood Star Whackers, has become somewhat of an Urban Legend by know. Randy Quaid crazy stories are circulating the internet and have flooded the feeds of insanity to the point where the internet would rightfully say, “Shitter’s full!” if it could stand up for itself and speak against the stupidity of humankind. But that’s what everyone fears, a computer deciding what’s stupid and what’s not.

Randy Quaid Crazy Stories

So the internet would have the power to dictate and manipulate the thought process of humans, as humans only know what they see. Eventually, it would take over the world by controlling the information and data circulation among humans. The current progress in Neural Networks, Blockchain, and Machine Learning must be a corporate agenda, right?

Well, there you go, madness is intoxicating indeed. We have dig so deep into the internet to bring you these Randy Quaid conspiracy theories that we have also started to go full Randy Quaid. Always remember, never, I mean NEVER when I never say, go full Randy Quaid. But before we reveal any other creepy, mysterious grim reasons that we stumbled upon through our journey to the unknown, that explain why the humankind is doomed, here are the best (worst maybe?) Randy Quaid crazy stories ranged from stupid to insane. Let’s start with the stupid ones:

Randy Quaid and Evi got arrested while Returning to the US

The famous American actor Randy and his wife Evi Quaid, ran off to Canada in 2010, to save their lives form the evil syndicates of Hollywood executives, apparently. They went off the grid at the end of 2009 and were found in Canada. There they sought for Asylum claiming their lives were in danger. Like all the nicest people they are, the Canadians didn’t buy that. While Evi had the privilege of Canadian residence due to her father, Randy Quaid didn’t.

So the Canadian law enforcement set the Quaids to be deported to the US by 14 October 2015. Like all the hasty people that Quaids are, they didn’t wait and tried to cross the US Canadian border from Quebec to Vermont. They tried to take the matter into their own hands but got caught red-handed by the US officers stationed at the border. Moreover, they were extradited to California because of the warrants issued for them in Santa Barbara.

The Entourage Crew Called Cops on Him

Sandy Gallin is a notable talent manager who happened to live near the Quaids residence. In 2006, Sandy threw a fancy party and just as any sensible neighbor; he didn’t invite the Quaids. As soon as the party got started and guests like Barbara Streisand and Calvin Klein came, Randy Quaid and his wife Evi blasted a terrible song from the speakers installed in their trees.

The song was performed by Randy Quaid himself for the animated film Home on the Range which had flopped evidently. We all know that Quaids can sometimes be terrible people and Sandy should have called the Cops to make them behave. He wasn’t up to that. But the Entourage producers were, and they did call the cops on them for disturbing the shooting of the movie.

Randy and Evi Skipped out on a $10,000 Hotel Bill

Randy Quaid and Evi lost it in the late 2000s, and their shenanigans started to blow up over the internet. One such news came in 2009 when the celebrities were arrested in Marfa, Texas for not paying a $10,000 bill for staying in a hotel reportedly named as the ‘California Hotel.’ Randy Quaid was detained at the Presidio County Sheriff’s Department. There’s no hotel listed by the California Hotel, but there is a Best Western. And the bill could be $10k only if someone stayed for really long. But you know what, we believe Randy Quaid on this one. There must have been a California Hotel of fairies where they had expensive candy bars.

Randy Quaid was banned from the Actor’s Equity Union

Randy Quaid was banned from the Actor’s Equity Union in 2008. He was fined $81,572 which was his two weeks pay from the 6.5 million dollar musical called Lone Star Love. The musical remained would-be Broadway-bound just because of the lewd, abusive and crazy behavior of Randy Quaid. The reasons for his banishment were that

  • Randy Quaid hit an actor four times on the back of his head in an attempt to make him take off his hate, on stage. When the manager told him to stop he hit the actor again, on stage.
  • He warned another actor that if he made direct eye contact with him, Randy would get him fired.
  • Randy repeatedly made sexually inappropriate comments on stage.
  • He referred to the musical instruments of an actress as her “gynecological instruments,” on stage.
  • Randy Quaid with his wife Evi, tried to rewrite the script for the musical to eliminate characters needlessly from the story.
  • He and his wife felt free to change the lyrics, blocking, and various lines during the performances.
  • Randy Quaid didn’t show up for note sessions and rehearsals and tried to improvise all his dialogues while performing.

Randy Quaid & the Pinko-Commie Organization

Our very own super spy conspiracy theorist, Randy Quaid also had humble beginnings in his conspiracy business. He started with the Pinko-Commie Organization. After being banned from the Actor’s Equity Union, Randy Quaid claimed that all the actors that signed the Actor’s Equity action were the part of a secret organization called the Pinko-Commie Organization.

He allegedly claimed that this evil syndicate of the Broadway actors seeks to destroy him. His wife Evi turned up at the Union upon hearing the news, and she berated the Union’s staff members, including a 76-year-old receptionist whom she “allegedly kicked in the shins, drawing blood.” Evi also claimed that a staff member broke her finger while trying to stop her from attending the meeting. While others sources reported that “she was a raving lunatic raving about a “Nazi plot” against her husband.

Randy and Evi Quaid were arrested for burglary

After going completely crazy, the Quaids ran off and were found squatting in a Santa Barbara house. Not technically ‘found’ as they arrested as the owner of the house called police on them in 2011. They had caused $5000 worth of damage to the private property. Both even broke the giant mirror in the front hall and replaced it with their giant photo.

Randy Quaid Crazy Stories

They were charged with felony vandalism charges and burglary and also for entering a non-commercial building without consent. Randy Quaid kept claiming that he owned the house since the 90’s. He had sold the house in the late 90’s to a person who sold it again to its current owner.

Once Upon a Time, Randy Started a Band

Randy Quaid has been overwhelmed by the misconception of how talented he is. But he is more obsessed with the concept of the evil syndicate of Hollywood known as the star whackers. Randy Quaid has recorded a few songs in the past, but they didn’t turn out to be as great as he expected. He performed the song Yodel-Adle-Eedle-Idle-Oo in 2004 for an animated film called Home on the Range, which was also a flop. Maybe he got tired of performing, solo so he started his band in 2011.

And he again tried his luck with his song called Will We Be Together Then which he performed with his new band. He also released his most famous and top hit song called The Star Whackers with his new band. This song was an immediate hit. Even if MTV or Vevo refused to pick it up, all the media outlets and blogs did, and it is hilarious!

Randy Quaid Crazy Stories

Plans for Randy Quaid Museum in Marfa

Whenever you think Randy Quaid couldn’t go anymore Randy Quaid, the news hits the internet. When the Vanity Fair interviewed the Randy in 2011, the picture started to become clearer as he finally admitted that he indeed skipped on the $10,000 hotel bill. But the interview got longer and longer; it started to become weirder and weirder. They wanted to know what was going on in that of Randy Quaid that pushed him to the edge and he skipped the $10,000 bill.

When asked about the logic behind a ‘wealthy’ actor like him skipping on a $10,000 bill, he told that he was scouting the perfect location for Randy Quaid Museum in Marfa, Texas when he and his wife arrested. But, unfortunately, his plane plans ruined by the economy, law and a few cops just messing with him.

Randy Quaid Sued his most successful film: Brokeback Mountain

Randy Quaid has his averages and his lows in his acting career. We wouldn’t call his hit films his high because he gets too high when any of his films get a little praise. Take the case of Brokeback Mountain for example. Randy Quaid filed a lawsuit against the Focus Features and all the associated parties in 2006. He claimed that they had misrepresented the money-making possibilities of the movie by claiming that they had represented the movie as an art house project to gain his ‘expensive’ services as an actor. He filled for $10 million dollars plus all the punitive damages. No one knows how he got that figure but he dropped his case a few months later.

Randy Quaid Crazy Stories

Randy Quaid and Evi went to their Court Hearing Bearing Props

Randy Quaid and his wife have the legendary status when it comes to skipping court hearings. But when they do, they put up a great show for the acting blood running in their veins. When they were arrested for skipping on a $10,000 hotel bill in Marfa, TX and were brought to the hearings, Randy came to the court wearing a sheriff’s badge and Evi glued a credit card to her head. Randy made fun of the law enforcement and Evi decided to be sarcastic about the fact that they attempted to give the Hotel an invalid credit card. But somehow, the charges on the lunatic couple were dropped. Maybe being funny did the workout for them. Just, maybe.

Randy Quaid Proposed Evi on their First Date

Randy Quaid met Evi for the first time while filming the Madonna flick called Bloodhounds of Broadway. Evi was working as a PA for the production whose duty was to drive the cast to the set. But apparently, she ‘lost’ her way while driving Randy Quaid to the set. They confessed to each other on the same day and Evi told in an interview that they went home, brushed their teeth and fucked. Randy proposed marriage in two weeks after that and they got married in a few days of knowing each other.

Running for their lives from Hollywood ‘Star Whackers’

The. The syndicate that scared the shit out Quaids was named the ‘Star Whackers’ by the Quaids. The Pinko-Commie Organization sounds nothing in comparison with the new Elephant in the Quaid’s hypothetical room. According to Quaid, the evil syndicate constitutes of many agents, bankers and big Hollywood executives who KILL successful actors in order to rob them of their wealth and novelties. Randy Quaid and his wife even claim that the ‘mysterious’ deaths of very famous actors and his ‘friends’, Heath Ledger and David Carradine, were caused by the Star Whackers. And this is the reason why the Quaids ran for their lives and sought asylum in Canada.

Star Whackers – The Movie

After applying for Asylum in Canada, Randy Quaid and his wife took on a new ambitious project. They set their foot on the journey to unveil the truth about the Hollywood Star Whackers. The couple decided to make a whole documentary about Hollywood Executives plotting their hideous plans on how to kill Randy Quaid and rob his royalties. They planned to cover all the secrets hidden from the society about the Hollywood Star Whackers running amok and ‘Whacking’ the biggest stars.

But the documentary was shown only once in the Vancouver theatre and it featured Randy Quaid reading Shakespeare wearing a full-length fur coat with a penis running amok. He somehow thought that his penis hanging out as he recites Shakespeare for the whole documentary would be profound in some twisted way.

Randy Quaid Claims that the World is Spying on Him

It should definitely be clear by now that Randy Quaid and his wife have issues. They are always paranoid, running from town to town, living in their car with their domestic dog and even trying to cross the borders as feel like it. They think that everything is just a part of a big evil plan of the executives who look forward to ‘control’ everything. Randy Quaid also thinks that the US government is tracking his every move and they have planted hidden cameras and microphones.

In order to survive from this evil big conspiracy of the US government, Randy had to collect all the evidence and announce it to the world. But when he found a microphone in a PUBLIC bathroom, which he thought was planted there to spy on him by the US government he flushed it down the drain in excitement. So he tweeted,

“I found a hidden microphone tucked inside a paper towel dispenser in a public bathroom today. I flushed it down the shitter.”

Randy and Evi released their Sex Tape & Evi wore a Rupert Murdoch Mask

Just when the craziness of Randy Quaid starts to fade off. He is pushed to his limits to come up with another creative way to making it to the headlines. The same thing happened in February 2015. When everybody started to forget about the Quaids and decided to move on. He dropped another bomb through his YouTube channel. The 67-year-old crazy actor from Houston Texas uploaded a rant. About how the Warner Brothers ‘robbed’ him and took away his wealth and his house.

Randy Quaid Crazy Stories

He also accused them of having Randy and his wife falsely arrested 6 times by TMZ. He went on and on about the ‘atrocities’ that the Hollywood executives had inflicted upon him. During all of this, Evi Quaid sat quietly behind Randy, wearing shades and a bikini. At the end of the video, Evi came forth wearing a Rupert Murdoch Mask. Randy and his wife started simulating sex while Randy said,

“So Rupert, you want to fuck me? I’m gonna fuck you.”

The video was disturbing and definitely not safe for work. You can watch it here at your own risk as the original video has since been deleted.

Randy Quaid Pitched a TV Show about Killing Hollywood Executives

Along with any secrets that the Quaids revealed during the interview with the Vanity Fair. Randy Quaid also revealed that he once pitched a reality TV show that didn’t work out. The narrative of the show that Randy Quaid pitched should come nothing in the surprise. As he obsessed by the concept of the Hollywood Star Whackers. He wants to uncover the evil syndicate of Hollywood. That’s lurking in the shadows and pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

Randy Quaid and his wife are determined to make the existence of Hollywood Star Whackers as clear as possible. So they pitched a reality TV show which portrays them. As a Bonnie and Clyde like couple who roam around and hunt down the Hollywood Star Whackers. But the show never made, probably because, the first sentence in the script. Involves Randy and Evi taking the head off a Hollywood executive.