Randy Quaid Brokeback Pay-Suit | Randy Quaid Dropped His Pay-Suit

The famous American actor Randy Quaid is one crazy guy who has weirder reasons for his weird actions. He was never particularly an excellent actor, but he was a good one when he starred in some cult classics like Kingpin, The Last Detail, Independence Day, Paper Moon, Midnight Express and Brokeback Mountain. But recently, he appears to have left his acting career in favor of becoming a super spy conspiracy theorist. He has come up with some of the craziest stories ranged from stupid to insane.

Randy Quaid Brokeback Pay-Suit

Randy Quaid and his wife claimed to be haunted by an evil syndicate in Hollywood which operates in shadow and Quaids call them, the “Hollywood Star Whackers.” He has developed a complicated mindset that somehow convinces him that everyone in the world is out for a piece of him. His paranoia began with his lawsuit against the producers of a 2005 film titled Brokeback Mountain. It gets weird with the fact that Brokeback Mountain is the most popular movie that Randy Quaid has had a part in to date. Randy Quaid Brokeback Pay-Suit makes no sense, except for the fact that we can trace the humble beginnings of Randy Quaid paranoia.

The Story of Brokeback Mountain

The 2005 film Brokeback Mountain is neo-western romantic drama which explores the confines of forbidden love. The two protagonists in the movie are two men with complicated lives, haunted by the memories of their past, fall in love with each other but try to fight it as they feel rejected by the society. Ennis is haunted by the troubling memory of his childhood when there were two gay men in their village, and his father beat them to death to teach Ennis and his brother to hate homosexuality. Years later Ennis finds himself on the other side of the fence conflicted with his personality. It makes Ennis a guarded man who keeps to himself and rarely speaks.

Randy Quaid Brokeback Pay-Suit

Jack, on the other hand, is more outgoing and open. He struggles to be that way regardless of what he wants because he knows that the society won’t accept him if goes after certain things that he wants. Their first encounter is at a mountain ranch where both of them are hired to guard the sheep. But after some beer and days passed together, things get real. The movie is often described as the ‘gay cowboy film,’ but the critics strongly disagree. It could be a ‘gay cowboy film,’ but it’s not. It’s the story of a time and place which is dedicated to comment on the problem that is forbidden, love.

Randy Quaid Brokeback Pay-Suit

The famous American actor Randy Quaid filled a case in 2006 against Focus Features, the producers of Brokeback Mountain. It is the most popular and successful movie that Randy Quaid has ever gotten a chance to act in. And that is exactly the problem. Randy Quaid claims that the Focus Features executives ‘falsely’ presented the movie as an ‘Art House’ film to gain his acting services at a low price than the market average. He sued for his full payment as he claims that the producers lied to him about the money-making prospects of the movie to minimize his acting wage. He said in an interview that,

“I got paid zilch for my work on this film. The producers balked at paying me my usual salary, crying poor-mouth, that it wasn’t a studio picture, all that kind of blather, making it sound as if the movie would be lucky to play one theatre in the remotest village in China. Eight months later I’m looking at three-page color ads and a multimillion-dollar marketing campaign and hundreds of millions of dollars in box office revenue. 

When I called James Shamus, the head of Focus Features, to kindly request compensation of my full salary in light of the film’s tremendous success, he refused to even entertain the notion. I felt I’d been sold a bill of goods – a studio-picture disguised as an independent. I vowed never to work for Fuckus Features again.”

Brokeback Mountain An Art House Film?

The news about Focus Features misrepresenting their titles to bag acting services in cheap broke the media in 2006. After reading about Randy Quaid filling a lawsuit against Focus Features. Every other actor associated with the film started to reconsider their deals with the production. But as soon as possible, Focus responded to the claims stating that they never negotiated with Randy Quaid regarding his salary while presenting Brokeback Mountain as an Art House film. Focus denied undermining the money-making prospects of the film and Randy Quaid’s accusations.

The movie was directed by Ang Lee, a very famous and a widely acclaimed director. It was shot in six locations across Canada, USA, and Mexico. The movie was backed by Focus Features, River Road Entertainment, Good Machine and Alberta Film Entertainment which defies the very definition of an ‘Independent Art House Film.’ The film topped the charts as the film top on the theatre average with a business of $109,485 on 9 December 2005. Made with a budget of USD 14 million, the film made USD 178.1 million at the Box Office.

Randy Quaid Brokeback Pay-Suit

Randy Quaid in Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain was closely about the romance between two men, and it never stepped back to focus on anything else. It had Heath Ledger as Ennis Del Mar, the guarded cowboy of a few words. It featured Jack Gyllenhaal as Jack Twist, the outgoing and open cowboy. The other two important characters in the movie were the wives of Ennis and Jake. Alma played by Michelle Williams, and Lureen played by Anne Hathaway.

These are the four main characters in the movie as it’s much about Ennis. And Jake and also focuses the tragedy that has happened to Alma and Lureen. But there was one supporting character, Joe Aguirre, the ranch owner who hired Ennis and Jack to guard the sheep. Joe didn’t appear much in the movie. As he was just there to hire Ennis and Jake and later on fire Jake. Joe Aguirre was played by Randy Quaid.

Randy Quaid Dropped His Pay-Suit

Randy Quaid’s pay suit made quite a fuss in the media. Each actor associated with the Brokeback Mountain began to rethink his deals with the producers. He had filed for USD 10 million and while there is no account for how Quaid came to this much money. He had promised to share his bonus with other underpaid actors as well. At the time, Randy Quaid didn’t have any records of outright craziness, so many people supported his claims.

Randy Quaid Brokeback Pay-Suit

But the famous American actor dropped his 10 million dollar lawsuit against Focus Features for low pay in May 2006. When inquired about it, his lawyer stated that both parties had settled. Focus immediately released a statement denying any settlement with Randy Quaid and his lawyer saying that,

“Focus Features never negotiated, offered or agreed to any settlement agreement with Mr. Quaid or his attorneys. But we are happy to put this behind us, and do wish [him] all the best.”

But Randy Quaid’s kept insisting that the settlement had been done indirectly.