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Randy Quaid Beard

Randy Quaid has been all over the news lately. The famed actor and his wife Evi have been involved in many conflicts with the law enforcement. The couple fled to Canada to seek refuge from the evil syndicate known as “The Hollywood Star Whackers”. Randy Quaid and his wife now got arrested by the Canadian law enforcement for trying to cross the border while escaping to the USA.

Randy Quaid Beard

But right after the criminal controversies of the paranoid Hollywood couple, the news of Randy Quaid beard made way. Randy Quaid has starred in huge projects including Independence Day and Kingpin. He won the Golden Globe and was nominated for the Emmys as well as Academy. However, much more hype came into the picture about his new beard.

Randy Quaid along with his wife was forced into appearing in the court. This was regarding their extradition as well as the citizenship of Canada. This is when Randy showed up looking like a cross between the Santa and the Unabomber.

This is the ridiculous beards (Randy Quaid Beard) the world has seen so far. But watching an actor who always kept himself all groomed all the time, appearing on the court like this raises some questions.

Is it not advisable to shave for court?

Randy Quaid beard shows profound signs that it is indeed not advisable to shave for the court. Looking presentable on your court hearing becomes a myth with this actors new look. When Randy Quaid appeared with his new looks in his November court hearing, he shocked everyone with his bushy hair. He has always groomed himself well in his career but somehow he decided to change his looks for the court hearing.

If the Randy Quaid was hoping to get some sympathy then it would be a good idea to clean up a little. He can’t fool anyone by looking like a homeless Santa Clause. Judges are the most uppity people in the world so this action could certainly backfire. If he really intends to please the judges, he should consider appearing in the court on time for once. Randy Quaid was convicted of felony vandalism by the Justice of California before he fled to Canada.

Why did Randy Quaid run to Canada?

Randy was so eager to go to Canada, we can only wonder what he was up to in the first place. Maybe he is really fond of the Canadian Cuisines. Or he was indeed running from the US law enforcement. As he along with his wife Evi was involved in several criminal activities. They have lived in hotel rooms but didn’t pay the bills. Or they tried to use invalid credit cards. They broke into a private property and were found squatting on a private residence. They were arrested when the neighbors called the police.

Randy Quaid and his wife skipped multiple court hearings making a joke of the US Justice Department. They denied any of the accusations despite being caught red-handed. The infamous couple disappeared in hopes to get away. And they eventually crossed the border of Canada to escape the USA. And whatever he did there in Canada, it sure affected the way he wants to present himself.

What happened to Randy Quaid in Canada?

The famous American actor fled to Canada to seek a permanent residence. Randy Quaid hoped to get away from the US law enforcement while making a fool out of the Justice Department. He and his wife applied for the Canadian citizenship which his wife Evi actually got due to her father. But Randy Quaid was denied the citizenship due to his previous record in the U.S. But that news couldn’t traumatize the famous actor so much that he entirely forgot to groom himself a little.

After the outbreak of Randy Quaid beard, many have started to wonder what Canada does to people. Are these attempts to make grizzly mad scientists or something? But we assure you that Randy Quaid is not that genius. So what happened that compelled him to cross the borders again? Randy Quaid was ordered to leave Canada by the 24th of October 2015. But the actor and his wife thought that Randy Quaid was to be deported by the Canadian officials.

Why did Randy Quaid cross the borders? Again!

Randy Quaid and his wife feared that the chances of Randy Quaid working in international films would be compromised if he was deported. So they decided to take the matter into their own hands by leaving the country by their own will, illegally. The couple decided to leave Canada so that they could escape the status of being deported. They allegedly tried to cross the borders before the Canadian officials could deport Randy.

The American actor has worked on more than 160 projects in his long career. But he hasn’t got much work recently because of all the frenzy going on with him. His controversies and criminal activities led his career to a downfall. But that can’t be true right? It must be the “Star Whackers” that are keeping him from his golden career. He couldn’t just get deported and make it all easy for them.

When & how did Randy Quaid get Arrested?

According to the Vermont State Police, the 65-year-old actor Randy Quaid and his wife Evie Quaid attempted to cross the border on 9 October 2015. They were detained by the Vermont State Police at the Highgate Port Of Entry. It was determined that both Randy Quaid and his wife Evie were the fugitives from justice form the State of California.

The U.S. Customs informed the Vermont State Police department of the outstanding warrants and both were arrested immediately. It turns out that the Canadian Border Service Agency had already detained Randy Quaid for being a potential flight risk days before the arrest. Maybe that’s when Randy Quaid beard started to grow.

Randy Quaid beard & the Court Hearing:

Randy Quaid beard took all the focus off of the court case and the hearing. The news of his beard took over more limelight than his recent criminal activities. Maybe that was the plan from the beginning. Randy Quaid planned his beard to present himself like he did. The plan was to take all the focus off the case since the day Randy started growing his beard. And it kind of worked. The guy sure did his thing with his look.

Things that could be found in Randy Quaid Beard:

Since the beard is so bushy and stiff, we bet it is filled with several things. All over the media, things that can be found in his beard are being discussed. Some of the things that have been found in his beard include Cigars, Leftover pizza, Gum, Beer and all of his pets which he could take to Canada.

Randy Quaid Beard

Randy Quaid sure made a presence on the court with his new improvised look. We have seen him all groomed and well maintained throughout his working career. He has been dressed up in all those award ceremonies. We absolutely loved each and every look of his. This bearded look, however, is not our most favorite so no points for Randy Quaid beard from us.

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Randy Quaid Beard

Randy Quaid Beard

Randy Quaid Beard

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