Dennis and Randy Quaid | Dennis and Randy Quaid Relationship

Dennis and Randy Quaid

You and your best friend, who is also into movies, must be familiar with the name Quaid but you might have a different opinion about him. Well, that’s because the Hollywood industry has been blessed with two different Quaids. Dennis Quaid forms The Right Stuff and Randy Quaid from The National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. The famous American actors Dennis Quaid and Randy Quaid are brothers.

Dennis and Randy Quaid

But these brothers are so distant from each other that many people don’t know about the fact these two actors are related. Their relationship is quite messed up and they don’t usually talk to each other. Both of them have had problems in their lives and both of them have dealt with these problems in their own way. They have issues in their family and they rarely discuss each other in the media. But Dennis and Randy Quaid used to be really close to each other. Dennis recently opened up about his troubled brother in an interview and confessed in front of the media.

Dennis Quaid Opens Up About Randy Quaid

The famous actors Dennis and Randy Quaid have a lot on their plates. Dennis has been fighting drug manufacturers and medicine companies in the court to redesign the packaging of certain drugs. As the drug containers are so poorly designed that different dosages often get mixed up resulting in a medical accident. Dennis Quaid and his newborn twins have also suffered from such accident. When Dennis just recovered from that trauma, he found his brother Randy Quaid and his wife Evi, on the run. They disappeared claiming their life was in danger and ran off to Canada.

When Dennis Quaid was doing public promotions for his latest film called Soul Surfer, he finally opened up about his troubled brother. He had himself just recovered from serious troubles. He didn’t have any idea where his brother and wife had run to. There had been no contact with the celebrities on the run. But Dennis Quaid did acknowledge that he misses his brother and he is always in his thoughts. His remarks don’t confirm the claims of Randy Quaid about the Star Whackers – the evil syndicate in Hollywood. Dennis Quaid told PEOPLE in an interview that,

“I love my brother. That’s all I can say. I love my brother and I miss my brother. That’s all I’m going to say.”

Dennis and Randy Quaid Relationship

Dennis and Randy Quaid

Dennis Quaid is the younger brother of the veteran actor Randy Quaid. He is 4 years younger than his big brother Randy. He was born on 9 April 1954 whereas Randy Quaid was born on 1 October 1950. Dennis and Randy Quaid had a lot in common and were really close in their childhood. They were both inspired by their dad, an electrician who had acting as a hobby. They both went to the University of Houston and dropped out a year earlier to make their way to the red carpet. But their brotherly relationship seems to be having a hard time now. They don’t visit each other. Dennis and Randy Quaid have grown so distant that month go by, they don’t contact each other or even have a casual conversation.

What happened between Dennis and Randy Quaid?

The conflict between the brothers started when Dennis Quaid separated with his wife Meg Ryan. The news took over the entertainment world and the story was printed on the front cover of every magazine. The reason for their divorce was depicted to be Meg Ryan’s secret relationship with the Proof of Life co-star Russell Crowe. Ending their nine-year-long relationship, Meg Ryan took an art piece from the house and left a wide blank space on the wall. Randy Quaid’s wife Evi Quaid had a keen interest in art and was somewhat addicted to shopping. But she was also very jealous of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid lifestyle so she reportedly tried to imitate them, a claim that she denies. But when Randy Quaid and Evi visited him, Dennis asked Evi to bring him an artwork to fill the space on the Wall. This is where it all went wrong.

Evi Quaid bought an art piece for Dennis was painted by the artist Andy Warhol and was titled, Russell Means. It obviously meant hell to Dennis at the time as it was a clear hit on his current situation with Meg Ryan. As Meg Ryan left Dennis Quaid for a guy named Russell. All hell broke loose when Dennis saw that painting. Dennis and Randy Quaid’s conflict began right then and there.

Dennis and Randy Quaid

As Dennis Quaid started yelling at Evi as he was offended and Randy Quaid kept yelling at his brother in defense of his wife. Evi denied all the claims of hitting him emotionally. She claimed that it was an ‘honest’ mistake and she didn’t know the impact that the painting would have on Dennis. In the end, Dennis and Randy Quaid were separated and stopped talking to each other.

But where did Randy Quaid run off to?

After the conflict between the brothers, Dennis and Randy Quaid became more and more distant. They got busy in their own life, dealing with their own problems. Dennis got busy in his own career and new family. But Randy Quaid and his wife stayed in a luxury hotel room and but didn’t pay the bills. They broke into a private property, a house that they sold years ago. Both damaged the property worth of $5000 dollars.

They got arrested and pleaded for bail. They did so many crazy things and skipped court hearings. Randy Quaid and his wife had been on the run from the police for felony vandalism. The troubled couple eventually crossed the US border and fled to Canada to seek Asylum. As they were paranoid that the evil syndicate of the Hollywood would catch them and end their lives, taking away all their belongings. After all the frenzy that Randy Quaid started and has kept going on, Dennis and Randy Quaid’s lives couldn’t be more different.