Dan Mullen Wearing Randy Quaid Christmas Sweater

We’ve all had that moment when we stumble upon a ‘Totally Looks Like…’ post and wonder why we never noticed these two celebrities had the similar face. But many times, the celebrities in question are almost strangers to each other and the fun ends with the post. But in the case of Dan Mullen the, famous American Football coach and the infamous American actor Randy Quaid (who totally look alike BTW), Dan turned out to be a big fan of Randy Quaid himself. Dan Mullen Wearing Randy Quaid Christmas Sweater.

The fans have been comparing them for years but in 2014, the Florida Gators football coach Dan Mullen took it to another level. He didn’t just quote a memorable line from the one of Randy Quaid movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. But he also came to the games wearing Randy Quaid Christmas Sweater from his unforgettable role as the Cousin Eddie. So this is how it happened.

Dan Mullen Wearing Randy Quaid Christmas Sweater

Dan Mullen Mean Tweets Response

In December 2014, Dan Mullen was interviewed with ESPN on their College GameDay and they did a “Mean Tweets” segment when Dan had to read some mean tweets. During the segment, Dan Mullen read a mean tweet that compared him with the Cousin Eddie from the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It was supposed to be an insult, but it turned out that Dan was also a big fan of Christmas Vacation. He felt sort of proud to be compared with the most remarkable character in the movie, the great Cousin Eddie. Whether he’s on drugs or mentally disturbed in real life. But all the critiques agree on the part that Randy Quaid nailed it.

Dan Mullen Christmas Greeting

The beloved Florida Gators football coach has secretly been a Christmas Vacation fan all this time and why wouldn’t he be. The movie became a festive phenomenon after its release in 1989. It took over the holiday season like a storm in the age when there was no internet. And according to many critiques, the one this that made the movie so successful was the character of Cousin Eddie played by Randy Quaid. The goofy character oblivious to his lack of mannerisms became an icon of a holiday. So when Dan was interviewed by ESPN on their segment called College GameDay. He was thrilled to read the “mean tweet” that compared him with Cousin Eddie. Dan owned the ‘Mean Tweet’ quoting the legendary line,

“Merry Christmas! Shitter’s Full.”

Dan Mullen Christmas Sweater

The uncanny resemblance of Dan Mullen with Randy Quaid is already a subject of some laughs around the SEC. So after responding to the ‘Mean Tweet’ Dan Mullen kept going with his performance. He showed up at his staff holiday party wearing Randy Quaid Christmas Sweater. His custom-made ugly Christmas Sweater, referring to Cousin Eddie, generated some great headlines and many laughs.

Dan Mullen Wearing Randy Quaid Christmas Sweater

While many people got the reference, few people started to question the true identity of Dan Mullen. As the recent Randy Quaid conspiracy theories have also taken over the internet. Randy Quaid and his wife fled to Canada claiming. That they were running for their lives from the murderous cult of Hollywood known as the Star Whackers. But all of that aside, Dan Mullen just played a little joke. But the attention to detail on the Christmas Sweater was really impressive.