Craziest Randy Quaid Revelations in the Vanity Fair Interview

Craziest Randy Quaid Revelations in the Vanity Fair Interview

Randy Quaid and his wife have fallen off the edge and their descent to insanity is strange and sometimes amusing. The famous American actor fled to Canada with his wife in early 2010 and the couple claimed to be running for their lives. They said that the Hollywood Star Whackers i.e. the murderous cult of Hollywood out to kill its most successful celebrities are after their… money? Craziest Randy Quaid Revelations in the Vanity Fair Interview.

Craziest Randy Quaid Revelations in the Vanity Fair Interview

The couple had been running from the burglary charges they faced in California and they also skipped on a hefty hotel in Texas, before running to Canada. But the more you dive into their story, the weirder it becomes. When the couple went to hide in Canada claiming to be ‘Hollywood Refugees’, the Vanity Fair writer Nancy Jo Sales went down there to interview them. Here are the Craziest Randy Quaid Revelations in the Vanity Fair Interview.

The Murderous Cult in Hollywood

Randy Quaid and his wife Evi claimed in their interview with Sales, that they suspect a group of people related to Hollywood out to kill famous celebrities for their wealth. Randy filed a lawsuit but aborted in August 2010. The lawsuit included the names of dozens of lawyers, accountants and estate planners whom the Quaids suspected to be the members of the clique. The couple happens to believe that Micheal Jackson, Chris Penn, Heath Ledger and David Carradine were also ‘murdered’ by the same group. They even accused the hypothetical murderers to have framed Mel Gibson for his racist rants and poisoning Jeremy Piven to stop him from appearing on Broadway.

Lone Star Love – Where It All Started

The paranoid American actor Randy Quaid was cast in the Broadway-bound play Lone Star Love in 2007. Throughout the production, Randy Quaid and his wife displayed odd behavior, which got weirder and weirder day by day. Randy Quaid dyed his hair ‘beet red’ and insisted the directors to wear a very unusual costume. She chose the costume that he wanted to wear and it had “a codpiece the size of an official NFL football.” According to Evi, “It was f***ing great.”

Evi Quaid and the Gardner

Evi Quaid was already quite disturbed before Randy Quaid lost his part in the Lone Star Love, but he finally did she went nuts. Her condition worsened day by day and she hired a private detective to find out who was trying to murder them. When the investigators and detectives found no secret evil plot or any controversy, Evi Quaid went crazy. She believed what she wanted to believe and she believes that someone was definitely there to kill her and her husband. When the private detective Becky Altringer decided to put Randy and Evi into a mobile home to inspect the situation in detail, the couple succumbed to anxieties that a mob was pursuing them with their chainsaws and shovels. At which, Becky told her “Evi, that’s the gardener”.

Craziest Randy Quaid Revelations in the Vanity Fair Interview

The Quaids’ Own Reality TV Show

Randy Quaid and his wife Evi ran from the justice department. For at least seven years and all that didn’t go wasted. As the Quaids were also working on their plans to make a reality TV show called the “Hollywood Star Trackers”. They have been pitching their idea of the show for quite a while but no one took it on. The first sentence of the pitch has Randy Quaid and Evi acting as a “Bonnie and Clyde like a couple” as they hunt down Hollywood Star Whackers and the troubled couple is shown shooting the head of one of the named in their lawsuit. When the news got to the person in question, he immediately hired security for himself.

Craziest Randy Quaid Revelations in the Vanity Fair Interview

Going on a Drive…to Siberia!

The troubled actor Randy and his wife fled to Canada in early 2010 claiming that their lives were in danger. Besides fleeing the murderous Hollywood cult. That they appeared to be so afraid of, the troubled couple. Also fled the two arrest warrants for vandalism and burglary. But the most interesting part is that they didn’t always plan to flee to Canada. Instead, they were planning to go to Siberia… which is a region in Russia… across the Bering Strait… which is the strait of Pacific ocean that separates Russia with the United States… and they wanted to DRIVE up to there in their Toyota Prius.

Perhaps they had also made plans to SURF in the Lake Baikal while they were in SIBERIA… without any surfboards of course… They would have stood on top of their car. It also came to light that Evi Quaid was the person who suggested that. But it was disappointing for the Quaids as they didn’t know how to drive up to Siberia.

After everything that the Quaids chose to reveal about their favorite ‘murderers’ in Hollywood and also about themselves while speaking about their favorite ‘murderers’ in Hollywood, it was to be believed that none one would believe in their story now. Because, even a little of credibility that they had, they destroyed it completely. But then again Quaids kept coming up again and again. With new creative new plans to ruin their careers over and over through the years. However, it would have been better if they had just driven to Siberia.